"Tiger, Come Home!" }} }}
Uncle Grandpa Tiger Come Home Title Card
Short: "Magic Wand"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  David Gemmill
Kenny Pittenger
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander


Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Walking Away And See It At The Manace's House, But Uncle Grandpa And Friends Can't Find Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Anywhere.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag (Non-Speaking)
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  • Manace
  • Grumpy Cat
  • Black Tiger


  • The Grumpy Cat Is On Youtube Videos At The Website On Your Computer.
  • Uncle Grandpa Is Delivering A Burger Dogs In The Second Time. It's The Episode Called "Food Truck ".
  • Nyan Tiger Has A Spoof Of Nyan Cat .


At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) What A Wonderful Day Of The UG RV. So Pretty, So Bright, So Wacky, So Peaceful, So Quiet And So...

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs) Hello, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! I'm Glad To See You.

Mr. Gus: That's My Girl, Tiger.

Pizza Steve: Wow.

Uncle Grandpa: You See, Guys, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is The Most Terrific Flying In Rainbows In Your Butt.

Mr. Gus: You Made Like This Nyan Tiger?

Uncle Grandpa: Of Course It Was So Funny, Mr. Gus. Let's See Heeeerrre.... Interrrrnet... Phennnooomennnnon! (Giggles)

Pizza Steve: Alright, Uncle G. Show Me Your Video.

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, Here It Comes.

(Nyan Tiger Video Is Showing)

Mr. Gus: WHAT?! Uncle Grandpa, Is This Some Kind Of A-

Uncle Grandpa: Shhhh! Here Comes The Sad Part.

(Grumpy Cat Video Is Showing)

Grumpy Cat: Meow.

Mr. Gus: Awww...

Pizza Steve: Yep, Uncle G. You Are A Grumpy Cat!

Mr. Gus: You Know What, Let's Go To The Vacation!

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Boy! I Love Vacation! Let's Go To The Beach!

Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: Woo-Hoo! All Right!

GRFT: (Roars Happily)

Uncle Grandpa: No, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. You Gonna Have To Stay Here.

GRFT: (Meows Sadly)

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Going To The Room)

At The BeachEdit

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) What A Beautiful Day At The Beach.

Mr. Gus: Uncle Grandpa, I Think Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Feeling Sad, Is There?

Uncle Grandpa: Yes, Mr. Gus. Not Unless You Give A Little Contract.

Mr. Gus: Mmm-Hmm? I'll Signed It.

(Mr. Gus Is Signed A Contract)

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks, Mr. Gus. It's Time To Get Surfing!

Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: YEAH!!

GRFT's RoomEdit

GRFT: (Meows Sadly)

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Looking At The Picture)

GRFT: (Roars Crying, Sniffs)

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Wave Goodbye At The Picture Friends)


(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Walking Away)

At The BeachEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Woo-Hoo! Look At Me! I'm Surfing!

Mr. Gus: Wow! I Like Surfing!

Pizza Steve: Oh Yeah, Son! Now That's What I Called A Big Wave!

Uncle Grandpa: You Are A King Of Comity, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus. Uh-Oh! The Tidal Wave Is Going Down!AAHHH!!

(Uncle Grandpa Splashing The Tidal Wave, Uncle Grandpa Spits The Water Out)

Uncle Grandpa: Wow, Tough Luck.

Mr. Gus: I Can Do The Big Wave!

Uncle Grandpa: Wow, Mr. Gus, It Does The Big Wave Wants To Hear It. Go Ahead And Enjoy The Tidal Wave.

Mr. Gus: Thanks, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: You're Very Welcome, Mr. Gus. Now Let's Go Swimming! (Pant, Pant, Pant) Hurry, Pizza Steve!

Pizza Steve: Okay, Uncle G, Pizza Steve Is Going To Swim As FAST AS I CAAAAN!!!!!!!

At The CityEdit

(GRFT Is Looking Manace)

Manace: Hello, Big Girl.

GRFT: (Roars)

Manace: I Am Your New Son, Manace. And You Are Gonna Pay For That.

GRFT: (Roars Sadly)

At The BeachEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Come On, Pizza Steve! Come On!

Pizza Steve: Okay, Uncle G! I'll Swim! EEEEEEEEHHHH!!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Way A Go, Pizza Steve!

Mr. Gus: Uhh, Guys, I Think Tidal Wave Is About To Splash!!

Uncle Grandpa: Uh-Oh, Here We Go Again!

Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

(Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus Splashing The Tidal Wave)

Mr. Gus: (Deep Breathes)

Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: (Coughs)

Uncle Grandpa: I Didn't Mean It To Do That, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve. That Was A Best Beach Vacation Ever!

Mr. Gus: Yeah, And That's What I Called A Super Duper Beach Vacation Land.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, I Know. Come On, Let's Go Back To The RV.

At The Manace's HouseEdit

Manace: Aww, You Are A Girly Tiger, You Know?

GRFT: (Roars)

Manace: You Want Some Popcorn?

GRFT: (Meows Happily)

Manace: Here, Have A Bite!

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Eating A Popcorn)

GRFT: (Roars Laugh)

Manace: (Laughs) That's My Girl.

At The UG RV At NightEdit

Uncle Grandpa: We're Here! That Was A Terrific Vacation, Wasn't It?

Mr. Gus: Yes.

Pizza Steve: Yeah, Pizza Steeeve Is The Best Beach Vacation Land Ever!

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! I Got A Surprise For Ya. TA-DA! It's A Burger Dogs! Come And Get It! Girly? Hey, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! Tiger, Hello?! Oh No! Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Gone! This Is Worse Than I Thought! Mr. Gus, Where's Giant Realistic Flying Tiger!

Mr. Gus: I Don't Know, Uncle Grandpa. But I Think He Feels Sad.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Right, Mr. Gus. GIANT REALISTIC FLYING TIGER, COME HOME!!! Oh No. I Guess I'm Not Saying Good Morning For Now On, But This Time I've Gonna Do Something About It. We've Gotta Get Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Back!

At The Manace's HouseEdit

Manace: So, You Want Some Treats, Huh, Tigery?

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Waves His Head No)

Manace: If You Like Treats! I'll Show You Can Have Treats! (Evil Laughter)

GRFT: (Roars)


GRFT: (Pant, Pant, Pant, Pant)

Black Tiger: Hey, What Are You Looking At?

GRFT: (Growling)

At The Manace's HouseEdit

Manace: Well, Well, Well, What Do We Have Here? A Black Tiger.

Black Tiger: Roar?

Manace: From Now On, You Must Been Starved.

GRFT: Phew!

At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Boy, I Don't See Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Where Could It Be?

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: Tiger, I Know What He Got The Treats At The First Time. GIANT REALISTIC FLYING TIGER! Oh, Tiger, We're So Worried About You!

GRFT: (Roars)

Mr. Gus: I Love You Too, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger. Now That's What I Called The Loneliest Town.

Pizza Steve: And For That, You Will Been There For A Weeks.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, But This Time Is A Vacation Time.

Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus And Giant Realistic Flying Tiger: (Laughs)

Uncle Grandpa: But Seriously, That Joke Has Gone Stupid.

(Mr. Gus, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger And Pizza Steve Has Shocked)


(Uncle Grandpa Is Running Around The Circle And Running Too Much Fast)

Uncle Grandpa: AH! OOF! Now That's Quite Fast Enough.

Magic WandEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Wow! What's This? It's The Magic Wand. One Of The Dreams Will Come True.

Mr. Gus: Uncle Grandpa, I Wish I Have A Pump-ups!

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Exactly, Mr. Gus. Here You Go, Your Wish Is Granted.

Mr. Gus: Wow! Look At The Pump-ups! They're So Very Strong! Thanks, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Anytime, Mr. Gus. Anytime. Oh, Hey, Pizza Steve, What Are You Wishing For A Magic Wand?

Pizza Steve: I Wish I Have My Awesome Speedcycle.

Uncle Grandpa: As Your Wish, My Good Pizza Steve.

Pizza Steve: Wow! I Feel Awesome! Thanks, Uncle G! Now I Can Ride One Of My Awesome Speedcycles All By Myself! Oh Yeaaaah, Son! Now That's What I'm Talking About! Pizza Steeeve Is Going To Be Cooler Than Ever!!

(Pizza Steve Is Riding An Awesome Speedcycle)

Uncle Grandpa: Way A Go, Pizza Steve! Now Who's Your Wishes, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger?

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, You Like Skaters, Eh?

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: That's Just What I Wanted To Hear, Tiger! Here Is Your Skaters, Girly!

GRFT: (Roars Happily)

Uncle Grandpa: And Who's Your Wishes, Belly Bag?

Belly Bag: Oh, I Got It! I Wish I Had A Girlfriend.

Tummy Bag: Hey There, Belly Bag. Are You Ready To Get Comfy?

Belly Bag: Awww, Now That's A Girlfriend.

Uncle Grandpa: Wow! I Just Love Magic Wand In The Total Of Wonder! Uh-Oh!

Mr. Gus: AAHHH!!

Pizza Steve: WHOA, I'm Gonna Barf! AAAHHHH!!!!!

GRFT: (Meows Frightened)

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Is Crashing To The Wall)

Tummy Bag: I Got A Surprise For You.

Belly Bag: What?

(Tummy Bag Is A Scary Mouth)

Belly Bag: AHHHHH!!!! GET AWAY!!! SCRAM!! AHHH!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Man, That Is Really A Wackiest Magic Wand. That's A Toughy.


Uncle Grandpa: I'll Get It, Pizza Steve! I'll Get It!

Pizza Steve: AHHH!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Come On, Come On, Come On!

(Uncle Grandpa Gots Pizza Steve)

Uncle Grandpa: Got One!

Pizza Steve: Yeah, You're Telling Me, Uncle G. I Guess I'll Never Say That.