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Uncle Grandpa The New RV Title Card
Short: "Uncle Grandpa's Interesting Foods"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Brett Varon
Zeus Cervas
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander


Uncle Grandpa Has Got The New RV. But The UG RV Is Falling Down The Cliff.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Gas Station Guy
  • Robot



At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) Slouching On The Couch. And By The Way, I Can Eat One Of A Delicious Pretzels With A Swirly Shape.

(Uncle Grandpa Eats A Swirly Pretzels)

Uncle Grandpa: Mmmm, This Is So Good. Mmmm-mmmm!

Mr. Gus: Uhhh... Uncle Grandpa! YOU BETTER OFF THE CLIFF!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Hee Hee. The Cliff, Huh? THE CLIFF?!? Oh, Geez! Don't Worry! I Know How To Solve This Problem!


Uncle Grandpa: Okay, Mr. Gus! I'm Gonna... TWIRL... Aro-

(Uncle Grandpa Brakes The Wheel)

Uncle Grandpa: Whoops. We're Going Down.

(UG RV Is Going Down)

Uncle Grandpa, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!



Uncle Grandpa: Well, I Guess We're Destroyed The Uncle Grandpa's Recreational Vehicle. Looks Like We're Goners. (Sniffs) That's It! I Guess I'll Never Get Fixed For The UG RV! (Crying)

Mr. Gus: Don't Worry, Uncle Grandpa! We'll Give You A New RV.

Uncle Grandpa: A New RV? What Does That Mean?

Mr. Gus: Hmmmm..... (Thinking) That Was A Strange Thoughts About Destroyed The UG RV. I Just A Thing To Solve The Problem. (Spoken) Pizza Steve, Can You Guess What Fixing Store Was Like?

Pizza Steve: I Think It's Your Job, Mr. Gus!

Mr. Gus: WHAT?!? (Blubbers, Laughs, Sighs) (Faints)

Pizza Steve: I Better Call Your Ambulance. (Walks To The Left)

At The Fixing StoreEdit

Gas Station Guy: Man, Look At The Broken RV, Uncle Grandpa. It's Messed Up By Damaged For The Cliff.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Gas Station Guy, That's Pretty Safe To Me, I Guess.

Gas Station Guy: Oh, Don't Worry, Uncle Grandpa. We Got Something For You Like One.

Uncle Grandpa: Wow! Really?

Gas Station Guy: Yes, Really. You Can Have My New Recreational Vehicle!

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! You're A Gas Station Guy I Know! I'll Take One!


Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve! Check Out For The New RV!

Mr. Gus: Wow.

Pizza Steve: That Is So Huge!

Uncle Grandpa: I Know, Right, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve?

Mr. Gus: Yeah, Uncle Grandpa! I Love The New RV!

Pizza Steve: Oh Yeah, Son! Pizza Steve Is Going To The New RV Town.

Uncle Grandpa: Come On, You Guys! I'll Show Ya!

At The New RVEdit

Pizza Steve: Wow! So Very Huge For The Inside, Uncle G!

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah! This Is A Living Room, Bedroom And Dining Room.

Mr. Gus: Wow, You're The Best, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: I Know, Mr. Gus. I Know. Plus, There Is The Indoor Pool! TA-DA! So, How Are You Think?

Mr. Gus: Uhhhh.... Yeah. That Was The Indoor Pool, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, I Know. Belly Bag, I Want Some Goggles, Please!

Belly Bag: Sure Thing, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks! Okay, Let's Go Swimming! CANNONBALL!

(Uncle Grandpa Splashes Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus)

Pizza Steve: You Mean That Was Fun, Uncle G?

Mr. Gus: Ya Think?

Uncle Grandpa: That's What I Wanted To Hear About The New RV, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve. That's What You Think. Check Out My Transform Style! Airplane, Sub, And A Boat!

Mr. Gus: Wow! That's Great!

Uncle Grandpa: And Last But Not Least, It's A Train! Chuga Chuga Chuga Chuga! WHOO! WHOO!!!(Laughs) Classic.

(Roboting Sounds)

Mr. Gus: So, What Are You Doing, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: To The New RV. Isn't This RV Is New?

Mr. Gus: Uh-Huh.

Pizza Steve: Yeah. Now That's The UG New RV.

Robot: (Offscreen) Get Off!

Uncle Grandpa: What Was That?! What's Going On?!

(The New RV Turns A Robot)

Uncle Grandpa: Uh-Oh. That Ain't Good At All. GET OFF THE NEW RV!! IT'S A ROBOT!!

Mr. Gus: What Do You Mean He's A Robot?

Uncle Grandpa: That's What Happens! RUN!!

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAHHH!!!


Robot: I'm Going To Destroy You, Uncle Grandpa! And Now You Will Pay!

Mr. Gus: I Think I Can Use My Claws To Destroy The Robots!

(Mr. Gus Slices A Claws On Robot)

Mr. Gus: Whoops.

(Robot Punches Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!!! OOF!

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus! It Doesn't Matter. Belly Bag, Give Me My Laser Hammer!

Belly Bag: Mrraaaaah!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks! Now, Robot!

Uncle Grandpa (As Cowboy): Say Your Prayers!

Robot: What, NO, Uncle Grandpa! Please! Have Mercy!

Uncle Grandpa: Alright, Time To Go Zapped!

(Uncle Grandpa Zaps Robot)



Uncle Grandpa: And My Job Is Done.

Mr. Gus: Woo-Hoo! All Right!

Pizza Steve: Wow, Uncle G! That Was Totally Awesome Adventure!

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus. I'm Sorry I Broke My UG RV. But I Know Just The Thing About It!

At The Fixing StoreEdit

Gas Station Guy: There You Go! All The UG RV Is Fixed!

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: Yipee!!

Uncle Grandpa: Woo-Hoo!

Mr. Gus: All Right!!

Pizza Steve: YEAH!!!

Belly Bag: WOO-HOOOO!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks For Fixing My UG RV, Gas Station Guy!

Gas Station Guy: Anytime, Uncle Grandpa!

At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) It Is Great To Be Back In The UG RV.


Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Mr. Gus. I'll Twirl Around.

(Uncle Grandpa Is Turning Around The Wheel)

Uncle Grandpa: See, Easy.

Mr. Gus: Mmm-Hmm? That's What Happened For The Cliff, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Mr. Gus. It Was A Little... Crunchy.

Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: WHAT?!?

Uncle Grandpa: Just Kidding. You Always Have Something Really Cool.

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: (Laughs)

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) I Love The UG RV.


Uncle Grandpa: Uh-Oh! I Think I'm Gonna... Sneeze.. Ah... Ahh.... AAAHHHH-CHOO!!

(Uncle Grandpa's Face Is Missing)

Uncle Grandpa: (Muffled) Mmm? MMMM!!!

Uncle Grandpa's Interesting FoodsEdit

Announcer: And Now It's Time For Interesting Foods! With Your Host, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning, Everybody! And Welcome To Interesting Foods. I'm Uncle Grandpa. Today We're Talking About The Apples. The Apple Is A Type Of The Worm And That Was A Superior Apple. Besides, The Apples Are Really Really REALLY.... Greeeaaaaat. Now I'm Gonna Have To Eat The Apple, Then!

(Uncle Grandpa Bites The Apple)

Uncle Grandpa: Mmm-Mmm! That's Delicious.

Worm: Hey! Get The Worm Outta My Mouth!!!

(Uncle Grandpa Spits The Worm Out)

Uncle Grandpa: Sorry, Worm!

Worm: Aahhh... Don't Be A Grandpa Style! I'm Leaving!

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs Nervously) Sorry, Worm. Let's Take A Closer Look, Shall We? This Is Called A Honey. A Honey Is A Golden One. Or Even Just One Protected Himself. But From Now On, I Was Still Only A Number One Foods And That Is A True Story Of Bumblebee!

Bumblebee: Ooh! That's Great! So How Can I Get Those Honey Anyway, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Hmmm, Oh, I Got It! Here You Go! (Giggles)

Bumblebee: Hmm... Oh Yeah! (Giggles)

Uncle Grandpa And Bumblebee: (Laughs)

Uncle Grandpa: Now That's A Bumblebee! And Lastly The Finishing Touches. The Ant Is Taking A Foods By Yourself. Hey! That's The Food, Ant! Give It Back To Me! That's A Interesting Foods, You Know! HEY! STOP TAKING YOUR FOODS! NO!! STOP!!

Announcer: That's All The Interesting Foods Today! Tune In Next Time On Interesting Foods!


Uncle Grandpa: Okay, That's Way Better. Uh-Oh. Here We Go Again! Ahh... Ahhh... Ahhh... AAHHH...

(Uncle Grandpa Is Inflating Like A Balloon, And Deflates And Knocks It On The Floor)

Uncle Grandpa: I'm Okay. Uhhh... (Faints)