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Uncle Grandpa The Missing Duck Title Card
Short: "Science Looking Test With Uncle Grandpa"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Nick Edwards
Myke Chilian
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander


Uncle Grandpa Can Find The Special Yellow Back. But The Bank Robber Is Going To Steal It.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger
  • Frankenstein
  • Bank Robber



At The RV Living RoomEdit

Uncle Grandpa: There You Go! All The Ducky Collection Is Safe And Sound. HEY, GUYS! Look At A Ducky Collection! It's So Charming And Beautiful Duck.

Mr. Gus: What A Ducky Collection We Got Here, Uncle Grandpa.

Pizza Steve: Yeah, Uncle G! I Guess It Has Rubber Duckies In It. Expect Mr. Gus.

Mr. Gus: WHAT?!?

Uncle Grandpa: Are You Kidding, Pizza Steve?

(A Bank Robber Is Stealing A Special Yellow Duck)

Uncle Grandpa: I Always Found My Special Yellow- (GASPS) Where Are They Go?

Mr. Gus: Uh...

Uncle Grandpa: Where's My Special Yellow Duck, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: I Don't Know, Uncle Grandpa. But The Bank Robber Is Stealing Your Special Yellow Duck.

Uncle Grandpa: Awww, Say It So, Mr. Gus! But I Think I've Gotta Get My Special Yellow Duck Back And Nobody Couldn't Stand On It.

Pizza Steve: Oh, Right.

Uncle Grandpa: Belly Bag, I Need A Special Yellow Duck, Please!

Belly Bag: You Got It, Uncle Grandpa!

(Picks Up A White Duck Out Of Belly Bag's Mouth)

Belly Bag: Nope.

(Picks Up A Blue Duck Out Of Belly Bag's Mouth)

Belly Bag: Nope.

(Picks Up A Green Sick Duck Of Belly Bag's Mouth)

Belly Bag: Nope, That's Not A Special Yellow Duck.

(Green Sick Duck Pukes At Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: BLAAH!! That Was Disgusting!

Belly Bag: I'm Sorry, Uncle Grandpa. But There Is No Special Yellow Duck.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Geez Louise! I Guess I'll Never Get A Special Yellow Duck Back. (Sobbing)

Mr. Gus: Chill Out, Uncle Grandpa. We Gotta Get It In Uncle Grandpa's Room.

Uncle Grandpa: Good Idea, Mr. Gus!

Uncle Grandpa's RoomEdit

Mr. Gus: There's Gotta Be Around Here Somewhere.

Uncle Grandpa: There It Is! It's Right Here On My Bed!

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See The Special Yellow Duck Under His Bed)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope. That's Not It. I Guess I Gotta Have To Keep Looking. (GASPS) There It Is! It's Right There In The Drawer!

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See The Special Yellow Duck In The Drawer)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope. That's Not It Either.

Pizza Steve: Hey, Uncle G!

(Pizza Steve Has A Black Duck)

Pizza Steve: Is This A Special Yellow Duck?

Uncle Grandpa: No, Pizza Steve. This Is A Black Duck!

Pizza Steve: Sorry, Uncle G. I Guess We're Never Get A Special Yellow Duck. Because Pizza Steve Is So Lonely. I Give Up.

Uncle Grandpa: No, Pizza Steve. We Can't Give Up Now! We Are Going To Find A Special Yellow Duck! To The Girls Room!

GRFT's RoomEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Tiger, Can You Find A Special Yellow Duck For Me?

GRFT: (Roars)

Uncle Grandpa: Nice. I'll Find It.

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See Under The Bed)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope.

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See On The Fashion)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope.

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See Between The Computer)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Flippin' Froglegs! I Can't Find The Special Yellow Duck In The Girls Room!

Mr. Gus: We're Going To Find Something In The Kitchen.


Uncle Grandpa: (Singing) Oh, Special Yellow Ducky! Where Are You?

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See In The Microwave)

Uncle Grandpa: That's Not It! AHA! That Was In The Refrigerator!

(Uncle Grandpa Can't See In The Refrigerator)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Geez! I Can't Find It In The Refrigerator. Looks Like We've Gotta Go To That Treasure Chest!

At The RV Living RoomEdit

Uncle Grandpa: I've Gotta Go What's Inside The Treasure Chest!

(Uncle Grandpa Opens The Treasure Chest And Uncle Grandpa Can't See In The Treasure Chest)

Uncle Grandpa: OH NO! My Special Yellow Duck! It's Missing!

Mr. Gus: Uncle Grandpa, Why Don't We Gonna Do To Find Special Yellow Duck?

Uncle Grandpa: Well, At Least It Was Just A Yellow Duck! The Special One, Of Course.

Pizza Steve: But, Uncle G, I Think Frankenstein Is Over There In The Drawer.

Frankenstein: (Picks Up A Weirdo Orange Duck) RAAAH!!

Uncle Grandpa: Wait, That's Not It! It's A Weirdo Orange Duck!

Mr. Gus: Now What Are We Supposed To Do, Uncle Grandpa?!? The Bank Robber Just Took A Special Yellow Duck! WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?

Uncle Grandpa: I Can't Believe I Lost My Special Yellow Duck. From Now On, I'm Never Give It Back For Me. (Crying)

Mr. Gus: Stop That Crying, Uncle Grandpa! We Can't Possibly Not Be Able To Steal It. But What Is A-

(Bank Robber Is Braking The RV)

Bank Robber: I've Got A Special Yellow Duck! BWAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!


Bank Robber: No. I'm Not Gonna Take It For You, Uncle Grandpa! Because I'm The Most Wanted, Bank Robber! The Scrum Of The Prison! You All Going To Pay, Friends! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Guys, We Need A Distraction!

Belly Bag: Why Did The Bank Robber Took My Special Yellow Duck?

Uncle Grandpa: Belly Bag, I Need My Laser Hammer.

Belly Bag: Here You Go, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks, Buddy.

(Uncle Grandpa Zaps At Bank Robber)

Uncle Grandpa: My Special Yellow Ducky!!

(Bank Robber Grabs Uncle Grandpa)

Bank Robber: Not So Fast, Uncle Grandpa! You Can't Give The Special Yellow Duck Back To You!! Because I Got A Special Yellow Duck! Why Are You Sad, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Um... Because...

Bank Robber: Because WHAT?

Uncle Grandpa: Because I Wanna My Special Yellow Duck Back!

Bank Robber: Aw... Are You Sad? Well, What Are We Gonna Do About It?

Uncle Grandpa: Um... I Don't Know.

Bank Robber: What Do You Mean You Don't Know? Because You Are A Stupid... LITTLE... PORT!! BWAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!!


(Uncle Grandpa Bites Bank Robber)

Bank Robber: OOOOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, Guys. Let's Get Ready Before We Leave.

(Uncle Grandpa And Friends Is Having A Civil War)

Uncle Grandpa: And FIRE!!!

(Shoot The Cannonballs At Bank Robber)

Bank Robber: OW!! OW!! OOH!! EE! OW! OUCH!!!

Uncle Grandpa: And..... CHARGE!!!

(Gets All Of The Friends At Bank Robber)


(Bank Robber Falls Out The UG RV)

Police: Bank Robber, You're Under Arrest For Stealing Uncle Grandpa's Special Yellow Duck For A Ducky Collection.

Bank Robber: But But But But But But...

Police: No Buts.

Bank Robber: (Sighs) This Is Gonna Be The Worst Thing In My Life.

Uncle Grandpa: Good Job, Guys! We're Saving The UG RV All By Myself! And The Police Has Arrested By Bank Robber All By Myself. High Five Everyone!

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: YEAH!!!

Police: Thanks, Uncle Grandpa For Arrested Bank Robber.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Police. No Problem At All.

Police: Bank Robber, I Will Sent You To Prison.

Bank Robber: (Sobbing)

(The Police Car Driving Off)

Uncle Grandpa: Bye Bye, Bank Robber! See You Into Prison!

Pizza Steve: Hey, Uncle Grandpa! Look What I've Got. A SPECIAL YELLOW DUCK!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks, Pizza Steve!

Pizza Steve: No Problem, Bro.

Uncle Grandpa: I'm So Worried About You, Special Yellow Duck. I Can Go To The Ducky Collection All By Myself.

Mr. Gus: Aww! What A Special Yellow Duck. Isn't It, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Mr. Gus. I Know. They Grow Up So Fast. Good Thing I Forgot My Gold Duck.

(The Gold Duck Shines)

Pizza Steve: Impressive.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, Uncle Grandpa. So Impressive.

Uncle Grandpa: I Love You, Guys.

Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: (Sighs)

Uncle Grandpa: Wait A Minute. I Gotta Go Potty.

(Uncle Grandpa Walks To The Bathroom)

Pizza Steve: Now There Goes The Bathroom Chaos.


(The Green Ball Is Bouncing, And Stops In The Middle And Turns The Green Ball Face Into Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning.

(Turns The Green Ball Back, And Bouncing To The Right)

Science Looking Test With Uncle GrandpaEdit

Announcer: And Now It's Time For Science Looking Test With Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning. I'm The Host, Uncle Grandpa. And Welcome To Science Looking Test. Let's Look Of Our Science Cells, Shall We?

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At Monster Cells)

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, It Just Too Scary. Let's Take A Look-See.

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At Kid Cells)


(Kid Cells Is Arguing)

Uncle Grandpa: Whoops. Sorry About That Cells. (Giggles Nervously) That's A Kid Cells. Let's Go See Another One.

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At Uncle Grandpa Cells)

Uncle Grandpa Cell: Good Morning.

Uncle Grandpa: Wow, I Guess There's No Way Without Scary Enough.

Uncle Grandpa Cell Turns Into A Scary Cell And He Roars At Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: AAH!! That Was So Scary! Oh Well, I Guess It Was Scarier Enough. Let's Try Another Cells!

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At Laughing DNA)


Uncle Grandpa: Man, That Was A Laughing DNA! I Love Telling Jokes! Let's Take A Look About Science.

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: What Are You Doing, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus, I'm Looking On A Science Test. No Wonder That Cells Was All About.

Mr. Gus: Let Me See That.

(Mr. Gus Looks Like Nothing)

Mr. Gus: There Is Nothing In Here, Uncle Grandpa. The Cell Is Gone.

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Mr. Gus. I'll Get Pizza Steve.

Pizza Steve: Hey, Uncle G.

(Uncle Grandpa Grabs Pizza Steve To The Science Looking Test)

Pizza Steve: How- OW! HEY! What Are You Think You Doing?

Uncle Grandpa: See, Mr. Gus? That Was Pizza Steve Is In The Cells.

Mr. Gus: But, Uncle Grandpa. Is That Pizza Steve Is In The Cells For The Science Test?

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Mr. Gus! I Bet You Can Do Whatever I Wanted To.

Pizza Steve: The Cells Is Made Of Science. Because Pizza Steeeeve Is Going To Have A Science Test All By Myself.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah. That Was... Pretty Great, Right, Mr. Gus? (Giggles Nervously) Well, See You Next Time On Science Looking Test With Me, Uncle Grandpa.

Mr. Gus: (Sighs) Woe Is Me.