Yeah! (yeah) Here we go now!

Yeah. (YEAH) Here we go now!

Come Play with us now before we melts! (Yeah.)

Errbody of Error in Goofy Goof Enjoy Yourself Felts. (Yeah!)

With the basketball or based on baseball in enjoy to enjoy inside. (Yeah!)

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Yeah, Here we go now!

Yeah, Here WE GO NOW.

Go now. Now forever fever in in in in inside tie of all bow! (7x)

And now we did that!

Wow! We did like base by gem vem vampire bat.

Hey, Oonski! Your por favor ugly nudity now!

Yep! A tie bump bumblebee just want a relationship like a job know to do how!

How will be mind mine all about mine!

How will be good all mine in fine?!

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No more believe bit?

Pizza of the Best? Not even agents and I have no idea what I'm saying that it would mean the world.

A more of Mold?

Yeah, Here we go now.

Yeah, here we go now!

Yeah, here we go now?

Dang, Dang, Dang! We know will drop iPad, IPhone and DVD Player are did nothing.

Not again broke iPad, and DVD Player or thing?

Bubble body has butt legs feet arms and hands and face eyes nose and mouth everydays.

Uh-huh. Again without mouth wubbzy and tail and ears in 52 day of week of days.

Yep. Whos's Ghost fake or real double Dutch in a espoñal in Fake lil Wayne insane bow?

Yeah, it's a death again in job now.

So believe me, you're young you are believed me and you for following us.

App Store in google play of Facebook in YouTube like gas Gus.

Pizza of the Best. The Edzilla Unleashed in YouTube app playlist.

Do not let sit on iPad or drop fist!

Yeah, Here we go now.

Yeah, Hear we Go Now!

Yeah, Hear we Go Now.









  • The word is "Lil Wayne", "Nudity", and "Death" are censored words.