"Inflat-A-Lily" }} }}
Uncle Grandpa Inflat-A-Lily Title Card
Short: "Funny Instruments"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Casey Alexander
Pete Browngardt


Uncle Grandpa Has A Lily's Inflatable Suit And See How Big It Was.

Character AppearancesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag (Non-Speaking)
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Lily




(Uncle Grandpa Head Zooms In)

Uncle Grandpa: Who Wants Some Waffles?

(Uncle Grandpa Head Explodes And Uncle Grandpa Logo With A Cartoon Network Original Is Showing)

Lily's HouseEdit

Lily's Dad: Okay, I Know We Can Happened Of A Memory Situations Like This Click. Here, Use A Soda To Drink It Up. And Here Is Your Bunny.

Lily: Wow! Thanks, Dad! Now Get Ready For The Greatest Soda Of All! And For Inflatable Thing Too, You Know?

(Lily Gulps, Lily's Belly Is Getting Big And Groans)

Lily: (Gasps) It's Working! It's Working! It's.. BUURRRRP!!!

(Lily's Belly Deflates)

Lily's Dad: Lily, Did You Making A Burping Sound Like That?!?

Lily: (Blushes) Oh! (Giggles) Sorry Dad. It Just A Little Embarrassed.

Lily: Alright, Let's Try... That Pillow! No. That Laser!

(Laser Zaps Dad)

Lily's Dad: AHHH!! LILY!!

Lily: Whoops. Sorry, Dad. How About This Suit. Oh, Who If I Kidding? How Can I Get My Inflatable Suit. I Wish Uncle Grandpa Can Help.

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning!

Lily: Oh, Hi, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: It Sure Was Nice... To Meet.. YOU! Or Me!

Two Uncle Grandpa's: OR BOTH OF US!

Lily: Okay, Uncle Grandpa. This Is Very Weird.

Uncle Grandpa: Of Course It's Weird. So, What Seems To Be The Problem, Lily?

Lily: I Got No Inflatable Suit And It's All My Fault. (Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Cry, Lily. I Know Exactly What I Might Been Doing.

Lily: Really?

Uncle Grandpa: Sure It Will, Lily.

(Uncle Grandpa Helps Lily To Wear Your Inflatable Suit On)

Lily: Ooh, What's This?

Uncle Grandpa: A Ball Suit. Just Slide It On.

Lily: Let's See, Deflate And Inflate. How Is That Even Possible, Uncle Grandpa?!?

Uncle Grandpa: See, It's Easy, Remember, Lily? Just Slide It In.

Lily: Uhh, Okay. Just Slide To The Right. Right Here.

(Lily's Suit Is Blowing Up Like A Balloon)

Lily: Hey! What's Going On? I Looked Like A Ball!

Uncle Grandpa: So, How Are You Feeling?

Lily: I Feel Great! I'm Floating Like A Balloon!

(Lily Inflatable Suit Is Bouncing On The Floor)

Lily: And I'm Bouncing Like A Ball! (Laughs) Thanks, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: You're One Of A Kind, Lily. But Anyway, Let's Go To The UG RV.

Lily: Oh, Alright.

At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus! Can't You Believe What I Must Did? Lily Is A Greatest Inflatable Of All.

Lily: Yeah, I Love My Inflatable Suit. (Laughs)

Mr. Gus: (Sighs) Fine.

(Mr. Gus Is Sitting On The Couch)

Lily: Oh, Mr. Gus!

(Lily Is Floating To The Left)

Lily: How Did I Look?

Mr. Gus: It Looks Like A Ball Suit To You!

Lily: And Watch This, Mr. Gus!

(Lily Is Swimming In The Sky To The Right)

Lily: I'm Swimming In The Sky Of The Clouds. And That Is That.

Mr. Gus: What?!? Wait A Minute!

(Lily Is Floating To The Left)

Mr. Gus: Does This Have Really Have Electricity On Your Suit?

(Lily Is Crawling To The Right)

Lily: Yeah, Only Way Times Better.

(Lily's Suit Zaps Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: Ouch.

Pizza Steve: Hey, Uncle G! What Are You Doing?

Uncle Grandpa: You Knoooooow What I'm Gonna Doooooooo?

Pizza Steve: WHAT?!?

Uncle Grandpa: Take A Look At Lily!

(Lily Put The Top Off And Hold The Hand For A Top Hole)

Lily: (Laughs)

Pizza Steve: Wow.

Uncle Grandpa: I Know. Right?

Lily: Hey, Mr. Gus! Look At Me! I'm Bouncing Like A Ball!

(Lily Is Bouncing On The Floor)

Lily: (Laughs) Wasn't It, Mr. Gus?

(Mr. Gus Turns Red And Rages)


Lily:  (Gasps) What?!? No! Don't Pop It, Mr. Gus! I'm Sorry!

Mr. Gus: (Echos) IT'S TOO LATE FOR SORRY!!!

Lily: No, Mr. Gus! Don't!

(Mr. Gus Pops The Lily's Inflatable Suit)

Lily And Mr. Gus: AAHH!!

Uncle Grandpa: Lily And Mr. Gus! Are You Okay?

Lily And Mr. Gus: Yeah, We're Okay, Uncle Grandpa.

Lily: (Gasps) My Beautiful Inflatable Suit. It's Ruined! (Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: You Did The Right Thing, Lily.

Mr. Gus: I'm Sorry, I Got Raged. I Was Popping Your Inflatable Suit. And I'm Just A Dinosaur. It Was An Accident. I'll Fix It.

1 Hour Later...

Mr. Gus: There! Your Inflatable Suit Is Fixed.

Lily: (Gasps)

(Lily Puts On The Inflatable Suit, And Slide To Inflate)

(Lily's Suit Like A Balloon)

Lily: It's Working! Yay! Thanks, Mr. Gus.

Mr. Gus: Anytime, Lily. Anytime.

Lily: Thanks, Uncle Grandpa For All Your Help.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, I Know.

Lily: And How About The Kiss.

(Lily Kisses Uncle Grandpa)

Lily: Good-bye, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Good-bye And Have Fun! Now That Was A Balloon Girl.


(Uncle Grandpa Is Drawing A Color Uncle Grandpa And Sees It)

Color Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning!

Funny InstrumentsEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve!

Mr. Gus And Pizza Steve: WHAT?!?

Uncle Grandpa: Who's Gonna Play The Funny Instruments?

Pizza Steve: I Do!

(Pizza Steve Blows A Saxophone And Comes Out A Bubble)

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs)

Pizza Steve: What's So Funny, Uncle G?

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Pizza Steve! You Are So Funny! That's A Burping Xylophone)

(The Xylophone Sounds Like A Burp)

Mr. Gus: Okay, You Guys Make Me Sick.I  Can Play A Drum Set.

(Drum Set Is Doing A Sound Effects)

Mr. Gus: WHAT?!?

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs)

Mr. Gus: (Sighs) You Have Got To Be Kidding Me!

Pizza Steve: And The Piano!

(The Piano Sounds Like A Fart)

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs) Aw Man, That Piano Is Like A Fart!

Pizza Steve: Grrr!! Maybe A Tuba.

Tuba: Cuppa Cuppa Tap Tap Tap!!

Uncle Grandpa: (Gasps) What's That?!?

Pizza Steve: Where Is It, Man?!?

Uncle Grandpa: I Knew You're In The Tuba.

(Uncle Grandpa Grabs The Men Out Of The Tuba)

Uncle Grandpa: How You No Shame?

Men: I'm Sorry, Uncle Grandpa. I Gotta Get Going. See Ya!

(Men Walks Away)

Uncle Grandpa: Wow. That Was A Weird Funny Looking Instruments, Huh, Guys?

Pizza Steve: Yeah.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, Yeah. Sure, Whatever.