"Hot Cross Grandpa" }} }}
Uncle Grandpa Hot Cross Grandpa Title Card
Short: "Balloons"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Ryan Kramer
Marc Ceccarelli
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander


Uncle Grandpa Is Having A Test With My Nurse.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag (Non-Speaking)
  • Pizza Steve (Pictured Only)
  • Mr. Gus (Pictured Only)
  • Nurse
  • Chicken


  • This Fanfiction Episode Is Based On Bugs Bunny Cartoon Called "Hot Cross Bunny".



At The HospitalEdit

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) What A Beautiful Day For Hospital. Just Look At My Favorite Things To Do. Uncle Grandpa Shirt, A Lots Of Peanut Butter, A Picture Of Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus, Soft Music, And Gorgeous Galleries. Well, I Really Like Nurse To See Her And I Just Loooove It!

Nurse: Hello, Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning And Look At The Costume. You Look Like A Nurse. And I Want Some Tricks, You Know?

Nurse: Oh, Okay. So, Uncle Grandpa. Did You Got For UG RV All By Myself?

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, RV? What A Vehicle. I Never Seen The Vehicle Before. Well, Okay, Doctor, I'll Show You About Some Tricks.

Nurse: It Sure Is, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy!

Nurse: Let Me Use This Hammer. Ready, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Ready When You Are, Nurse.

(The Nurse Hits A Hammer Uncle Grandpa's Foot)

Uncle Grandpa: OUCH!!

Nurse: Next, I'll Check Your Mouth, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Sure Thing, Nurse. Neeeh.

(Uncle Grandpa Puts Peanut Butter On His Tongue)

Nurse: And Look At The Audience You Found Some Tricks.

Uncle Grandpa: The Audience! I Think He Is Got Audience?

Nurse: Yep, Uncle Grandpa. It Is Audience Can Learn Tricks.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Doctor, You Shouldn't Told Me. I Didn't Prepared. You Know What, Doctor, I'll Get The Tricks We Did. Let's See..... OH YEAH! (Old Man Voice) Oooh, Can Lay Us Off The Shelf Because Somebody To Say You Can't Stay The Big Kids To Help Me To Say And You Can't Stay That The Boy! Just Pretend... AHAAAH!!! Calling Not Again This Place! (Sniffs) (Normal Voice) TA-DA!!

(Audience Is Looking Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: Wow, What A Tough Audience. (Gasps) I Know What I'm Gonna Do! I Can Use A Magic Tricks And Say The Magic Words. Wanna Take It For A Spin? Okay, Here Goes Nothing! Abracazam For Reading, Presto Or Protein... And What's A Good Cooking Morning!

(Uncle Grandpa Is Getting Off A Magic Hat And The Audience Is Looking Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: Ohh, This Is Gone Way Too Far For That Audience. I Know What I'm Gonna Do! I Can Do A Silly Dancing!

(Uncle Grandpa Is Doing A Silly Dancing 15 Seconds, Nurse Grabs Uncle Grandpa And Hits Them)

Nurse: Alrighty, Let's Check On Your...

Uncle Grandpa: Hello, People! Hot Dogs! Hot Dogs! Get Your Hot Dogs Here! Hot Dogs! You Can't Leave A Change! You Want Hot Dogs! Anyone Have Some Fish Sticks. You Wanna Hot Dogs, There Super Radical Things I Do It! Hot Dogs!

(Nurse Grabs Uncle Grandpa)

Nurse: Now, I'll Gonna Get A Flu Shot To Uncle Grandpa!

Uncle Grandpa: WHAT?! No, Wait A Minute, Nurse! I Want No Flu Shots!

Nurse: Yes, You Do! Come Here, Come Here! COME BACK HERE!

(Nurse Chases Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: Well, You Got Me! Doy Doy Duhhh Doy! Doy Doh Doy Dooyyyy! (Gasps)

(Nurse Chases Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: (Singing) La La La La La La La!

(Uncle Grandpa Sees Nurse)

Nurse: Where's Uncle Grandpa Go?!

Uncle Grandpa: He Went That Way, Nurse?

(The Nurse Runs To The Right)

Uncle Grandpa: That Must Be Good Deed For The Day.

Nurse: Wait A Minute!

(Uncle Grandpa Sees Nurse)

Uncle Grandpa: (Giggles Nervously) It Must Reformed By Mistake Today!


(Nurse Chases Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: STOP!! This Drink Isn't Poisoned! (Gulp, Gulp, Gulp, Gulp) See, It's Not Poisoned. It Will Be Just Fine.

Nurse: OH NO, YOU DON'T!!

Uncle Grandpa: Uh-Oh! AAAHHHH!!!

(Nurse Chases Uncle Grandpa)

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs) Stop It! It Tickles!! (Laughs) Okay, Okay. You Make Your Point! (Laughs)

(Nurse Puts Uncle Grandpa At The Body Swap Station)

(Uncle Grandpa Looks At The Mirror)

Uncle Grandpa: Look At The Mirrors, Nurse! It Was Sooo Funny! (Laughs)

(Nurse Switch Down The Body Swap Station)

Uncle Grandpa: AAAAHHHH!!!!


Chicken: (In Nurse Voice) Well, At Least The Chicken Has Interesting Foods, I Hope.

Uncle Grandpa: Looks Like Nurse Is A Chicken! Now That's What A Called A Funny Part. (Laughs)


Uncle Grandpa: Oooh, What's This Button Do?

(Uncle Grandpa Press The Red Button And Explodes)

Uncle Grandpa: Wow, That Was An Explosion.


(Uncle Grandpa Is Blowing Balloons At 10 Seconds)

(Uncle Grandpa Puts A Long Tougue Out)

Uncle Grandpa: Hmm, I Wonder That Can Find My Friends To Blow The Balloons.

(Pizza Steve Is Blowing Balloons And Turns Into A Pizza)

Uncle Grandpa: (Giggles) Looking Good, Pizza Steve.

(Uncle Grandpa Is Bouncing Mr. Gus's Tummy To Blowing Balloons)

Uncle Grandpa: Watch This, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger!

(Uncle Grandpa Is Blowing Balloons And Turns Into A Tiger)

GRFT: (Roars Laughing)

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs)

(Uncle Grandpa Is Calling Evil Wizard)

Uncle Grandpa: Hello, Evil Wizard.

Evil Wizard: Uncle Grandpa, I Told You To Stop Calling Me!

(Uncle Grandpa Is Using A Balloons To The Phone To Blowing Balloons)

Evil Wizard: (Blubbers Talking)

Uncle Grandpa: It Wasn't So Bad After All, As I? (Giggles)