Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue The Movie Poster (2013)

Theatres: October 1st, 2013 DVD: January 3rd, 2014


Uncle Grandpa And The Cartoon Friends Is Going To The Forest Of Nature And The Adventures Has Just Began.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Belly Bag
  • Giant Realistic Flying Tiger (Cameo)
  • Peppa Pig
  • George Pig
  • Spongebob Squarepants
  • Patrick Star
  • Wander
  • Sylvia
  • Mish-Mash
  • Master
  • Hands
  • Black Circle
  • Dirty Cartoons
  • Girl Black Circle
  • Records Player
  • Evil Men
  • TV
  • Cowboy
  • Red Circle
  • Robotory
  • Black Technology Round
  • Stickman
  • Stickgirl
  • Lumpy Space Princess (Cameo)
  • Green Lousy Girl
  • All Cars
  • Dump Taker
  • Blue Hands
  • Green Square

International PremieresEdit

  • United Kingdom - October 10th, 2013
  • Canada - October 11th, 2013
  • Spanish - November 3rd, 2013
  • French - November 21st, 2013
  • Japanese - December 1st, 2013
  • Czech - December 6th, 2013
  • Italian - December 12th, 2013
  • Danish - December 16th, 2013
  • Russian - December 29th, 2013
  • Czech (2nd Dub) - January 4th, 2014
  • Russian (2nd Dub) - January 7th, 2014
  • Swedish - January 19th, 2014
  • Dutch - January 29th, 2014
  • Finnish - February 1st, 2014
  • Brazilian Portuguese - February 6th, 2014
  • Dutch (2nd Dub) - February 14th, 2014
  • Hungarian - February 19th, 2014
  • Brazilian Portuguese (2nd Dub, Studio Gabia) - February 29th, 2014
  • Hebrew - March 5th, 2014
  • Polish - March 18th, 2014
  • Australia - March 23th, 2014
  • Norwegian - March 27th, 2014
  • Icelandic - April 5th, 2014
  • Brazilian Portuguese (3rd Dub, VTI Rio) - April 14th, 2014
  • Bulgarian - April 26th, 2014
  • Asia- April 30th, 2014
  • German - May 5th, 2014




(Disney Logo, Paramount Logo, Warner Bros Pictures Logo, Nickelodeon Movies Logo, Entertainment One Family Logo, And Walt Disney Animation Studios Logo Shows Up)

(Opening Credits)

(Birds Are Flying Away)

(Fades Inside The House And The Sun Shines As Light)

At The HouseEdit

(Look Upstairs)

(Fades The Bedroom)

Pizza Steve: Hey There, Pizza Steve Is Here! And Now For The Good News Flash, The Chimpcity Is Having Around The Chimps And That's The Most One That Will Be One Thing At Emergency. At Least, I Have For A Chimpanzees And All Of This Stuff, Litterly.

Patrick Star: Hey, What's The Big Idea? I Pretending To Get Some Sleep.

Pizza Steve: You Know, I Think So Too, Patrick Star. Ha. 2,000 And We Have All The Lights.

(Flashes The Light At Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: NO! NOT THAT LIGHTS!! (Lift The Shades Down) Huh? (Sees The Sun) Oh, It Must Be Right Over There.

Patrick Star: Yeah, I Think I Have Always Have A Fuzzy Wass, Litterly.

Pizza Steve: Wait, WHAT?!? Oh No! You Can't Bro! You Can Tell Me That We Can Do That We Just On.. WOW!!!!!

(Patrick Star Chases Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: Emergency! Patrick Star Is Attacking For PIZZA STEVE! And Down For Him All...

(Patrick Star Bonk His Head At Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve Felt Dizzy And Fainted, And Patrick Star Set Pizza Steve Under The Pillow)

Patrick Star: I Can't Believe You Have Saying To You For A Little Racket Around Here.

(Pizza Steve Goes Off A Pillow And Patrick Star Screams And Falls The Pillow)

Patrick Star: Ouch! What Are You Think You've Doing, Pizza Steve? You're Wrecking The Whole STAR!

Pizza Steve: That's Right, Patrick Star! We Have A Pizza Steve Has A Boxers Around! But Anyway, Let's Sing A Beautiful Tune. Like Those Morning Songs. (Singing) Of Ray Is Raining, Liiiiiights! It's Paying On Again! And Swallowed. IT'S DANCING ON VIIILES! (Bounces The Bed Hardly) YAH!!


(Hands Uses The Air Fan On And Coughs)

Hands: AAHAAAH!!!

(Drops The Water On The Floor)

(Mr. Gus Shocked And Angry, Mr. Gus Roars And Scratchs, Mr. Gus Looks Left And Right, Mr. Gus Is Proud And Walks To The Right)

(Uncle Grandpa Is Alive, Uncle Grandpa Is Happy But Uncle Grandpa Sad, And Uncle Grandpa Hops Down The Kitchen)

Pizza Steve: GET AWAY FOR ME!!!

Patrick Star: I'll Get For The Foot On You!

(Peppa Pig Is Showing)

Pizza Steve: Get Him! He Is Always Looking Out For Me... And YOU TOO, MR. GUS!!

(Mr. Gus Looks Up And Walks To The Left, Uncle Grandpa Is Showing With Sunglasses On)

Uncle Grandpa: I'm A Cool Guy.

Patrick Star: I Got You Now! (BONK!) OOH!

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs)

Pizza Steve: Patrick Star, I Supposed To Start At Friday, But Careful About This One. That Lousy Thing And Little Twerp Has Must To Be Done.

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs)

Pizza Steve: I'm Not To Be Here, JAMES!

Patrick Star: I've Got 9000, Remember?

Pizza Steve: YEAH, ME!

(Peppa Pig Slides Down The Stairs)

Pizza Steve: You Have Something To Tell Me! Get Me Down, You Lousy Things!

(Peppa Pig Shocked)

Pizza Steve: NO! Not A Beat! And That!

(Patrick Star And Pizza Steve Is Inside On Peppa's Clothes)

Pizza Steve: And That! On For Me! And Leave Me Alone!

Patrick Star: NO! I Am A Reaction Vehicle!

(Mr. Gus Walks To The Right To See Peppa Pig)

Pizza Steve: Anyone, That Could Be Fine... By-

(Mr. Gus Bites Peppa Pig)

Peppa Pig: AAH!!

Mr. Gus: NAH! AH AH! NUM!!

Pizza Steve: NO!

Patrick Star: WHOA!

Pizza Steve: NAAAAAAAH!!!!

(Stops Fighting)

Patrick Star: Hey, What's Going On? What Happened To The Lights?

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning, Everyone!

Peppa Pig: Good Morning, Uncle Grandpa!

Pizza Steve: What's Up, Uncle G?

Patrick Star: Salutations!

Mr. Gus: Mmmph!

(Mr. Gus Pulls On Peppa Pig, Patrick Star And Pizza Steve Comes Out, Peppa Pig Helps Mr. Gus Push Up As Possible)

Mr. Gus: Thanks, Peppa Pig.

Peppa Pig: You're Very Welcome, Mr. Gus. (Snorts) Now I Have Awesome For Tonight, Toys And All The Cartoons! And He Want To Play A Games And A True Meaning Of Toys!

Pizza Steve: Yep, You're On, Peppa Pig! It's Pizza Steve! For Live Of The True Meaning Of...

(Patrick Star Bonk His Head At Pizza Steve, Pizza Steve Felt Dizzy And Fainted)

Patrick Star: Whoops, My Bad Again! I Almost Hit Me Again.

Peppa Pig: What Would You Do, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: You Know What, Peppa, We're Trying To Go Out This Thing In 2,000 Days! (Yells At Peppa Pig) CHORES!!!

Peppa Pig: Oh... Chores. What Do Anything About Chores? Can I Play A Game?

Pizza Steve: Oh, Really, Peppa Pig? I LOVE THE GAME!

Peppa Pig: As Remember All The Cartoons, We Can Bring The Cartoons When The House Is Clean.

Mr. Gus, Spongebob, Patrick, Wander, Sylvia, Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa, And George: BOOOOO!

Peppa Pig: (Whispers)

Pizza Steve: What? Say That Again, Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig: (Whispers)

Pizza Steve: Got Ya! Leave It To Me! (Stands A Top Of The Stairs) Hang On To Your Hats, You Devildogs And All The Cartoons. Because Pizza Steve Is Ready For Master Blaster Beep Bap Is Going To Be A Whole Time Is Going To Give You A (Points To The Right) Soul Injection-ah!

(15 Seconds Later)

Pizza Steve: (Singing By Little Richard) Bop bopa-a-lu a whop bam boo!

Tutti frutti, au- rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boom.

Uncle Grandpa: (Giggles) I'm Dancing! You Know What, Cartoons, Let's Get More Dancing Moves Before You Knows Up.

She rock to the east, she rocks to the west,

But she's the gal that I know best!

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boom.

Got a gal named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy.

Got a gal named Daisy, she almost drives me crazy.

She knows how to love me, yes indeed,

Boy, I don't know what you're doin' to me!

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti, OOH!

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

A whop bop-a-lu a whop ba, AAAAOOO!!!

(Saxophone Solo)

AAAH! Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti, OOH!

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

Tutti frutti, au-rutti.

A whop bop-a-lu a whop bam boo.

Peppa Pig: (Gasps) CARTOONS, LOOK!

Mr. Gus, Uncle Grandpa, Spongebob, Patrick, Wander, Sylvia, Belly Bag: (GASPS)

Peppa Pig: It's George!

(The Music Stops, Everyone Looks Up Except Uncle Grandpa, Uncle Grandpa Is Dancing, And He Stops And Looks Up)

(The Wall Is Showing)

George Pig: A Car!

Peppa Pig: A CAR?!?

Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, Patrick Star: A CAR?!?

(Mr. Gus Gets A Chair, And Everyone Gets Up)

Uncle Grandpa: Come On, Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, Peppa, George, Wander, Sylvia, Spongebob Squarepants And Patrick Star! Steady! Go To The Left! Ohhh, Careful Now!

Peppa Pig: He's Gonna Fall!

Mr. Gus: Keep Climbing, Peppa Pig! And YOU, Pizza Steve, Get Your Light Out Of My Eyes!

Pizza Steve: Sorry, Mr. Gus. I Always Shows Up. Now Hold On Tight!

Uncle Grandpa: Hold On, Pizza Steve! And All The Cartoons! Right? Left? A Little More? Oh, Alright! Alright! Here We Go! I Probably The Sound To This. Left? Right? What Do You Mean The Right Is? I Supposed That.

(Master Opens A Door)

George Pig: (Gasps) (Sees The Master) MASTER!

Master: George!

George Pig: Master!

Master: George!

(George And Master Gives A Slowly Hug)

(Master Is Sparkled Away, George Is Netrual, And The Car Is Driving Away)

(Zoom Out, George Sees The Window)

(Cuts To Peppa Pig, Mr. Gus And Uncle Grandpa)

Peppa Pig: George, Are You Okay?

George Pig: (Offscreen, Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Sorry, For Infomation, Cartoons. Will Return To The Regulatory Schedule Program For Me, At This Time. (Walks Away)

George Pig: (Offscreen, Sobbing)

(George Pig Comes In, And Sobbing)

George Pig: (Crying)

Mr. Gus: Oh, Cry CRY, Weep, Wail And Sob. It's Disgusting! Every Time I Can't Believe It! Every Single Time!! Give Me That Stupid Picture!

Peppa Pig: No, Mr. Gus! It's My Master's Picture! Get Back To George!

Mr. Gus: Whimp!

Peppa Pig: Let GO!

Spongebob Squarepants: Let Go Of That Picture!

Uncle Grandpa: LET GO! It's MY George Picture!

Belly Bag: NO! I'm SORRY, Uncle Grandpa!!

Pizza Steve: No! Pizza Steve Is Mine!

Patrick Star: That's So Unfair!

(All Cartoons Are Arguing And They All Broke The Master's Picture)

Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve, Peppa, George, Wander And Sylvia: (Gasps)

Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Peppa, George, Wander And Sylvia: Awww!

Mr. Gus: Oh No.

(Sees The Master's Broken Picture)

Uncle Grandpa: Look What We've Done! We Broke Master's Picture! And This Time, We're Goners!

Hands: (Laughs)

Peppa Pig: What Are You Laughing At?

Hands: Absolutely Positubly Nothing. Nothing At All.

Pizza Steve: Well, I Think I Have One Of Us.

Hands: You Know Something? You Have A Slice Of Pizza?

Pizza Steve: Wow! Thanks, Man. (Pizza Steve Looks At Patrick Star, And Pizza Steve Is Angry) Heeeeey!

Hands: That Is Up For My Kid, Don't Ya?

Peppa Pig: Yes, We Are!

Hands: That's Nice. and any day now, he might come romping back, huh? He'll just come whistling through that door, and everything will be the same. Real peachy-chee-chee-chee-keeeen-lick.

Peppa Pig: Uh-huh!

Pizza Steve: It's A Possibillity, Bro.

Peppa Pig: Well, At Least I Have An Optimistic.

Hands: Optimistic? Somebody Got Tie A Knot In This Guy's Cord.

Mr. Gus: Why Don't You Just... SHUT OFF!!

Hands: Pretty Scare We Got Here, Mr. Gus. What Are You Gonna Do About It? Suck Me To Death.

Mr. Gus: HM!

Hands: What Is All A Commotion In Here, Anyway? You're Acting And Just Came Off The Symphony Line. Now Get This For Your Chrome. We've Been DUMPED! ABANDONED!

Uncle Grandpa: But... We Love Us.

Pizza Steve: That's Right, Uncle G.

Hands: So What? He's A Kid, He Has A Family. They Move Away, He Moves Away. It's A Package Deal.

Peppa Pig: But Maybe I...

Hands: He's Not Coming Back! Pure In Simple.

Mr. Gus: Oh Yeah? Did You Talk To You Reasonly Or Something? That Can Drive Up Any Seconds.

George Pig: (Snorts Twice, Giggles)

Mr. Gus: I'm Not Talking To You!

Hands: Won't You Get Your Little Boy And For A Kindless Of The Kind And Fly From Goodbye, Maybe Less, It's Been YEARS! It's Scrap Metal Time.

Peppa Pig: But You Can Do What You Like. We're Not Going To Give Up Hope.

Hands: That's Real Touchy, Peppa Pig. You Have Balding Like A Baby Anytime Now.

Peppa Pig: I Think You're Jealous!

Hands: Sure, I'm Jealous With A Bunch Of Dim Mints.

Pizza Steve: DIM?

Peppa Pig: Master Never Play With You!

Mr. Gus: Cause You're Stuck In A Wall!

(Hands Blows At Peppa Pig And Mr. Gus, Pauses)

Hands: So... It's Back To That Stupid Static Again. You Think I Don't Know What's Going On Here! Uh-Uh-Uh-I Know When Goes On In This Cottage. This... Is... Conspiracy. And Everyone If You Low WATTS Is In On It! Cause That You Can't Moving Around You Think You BETTER Than I Am!! I'M NOT AN INVALID!!! I WAS DESIGNED TO STICK IN A WALL!!! I LIKE BEING STUCK IN THIS STUPID WALL!!!!!! And If I... Can't HELP IT IF THE KID WAS TOO SHORT TO REACH MY DIALS?!?

Peppa Pig: We Didn't Mean It! Really!

Hands: (Turns Red And RageIT'S MY FUNCTION!!!!!!!

Peppa Pig: NO! WAIT! WAIT!

Mr. Gus: He's Gonna Blooow!

Peppa Pig: Yank The PLUG!!!!!!

(Two Plugs Pulled Off)

Mr. Gus: THE FUSE!

(Hands Rages And Explosion)

(George And Mr. Gus Looks At Hands Has Bombed, And Finger Is Falling Down The Floor)

George Pig: Poor Hands.

Peppa Pig; You Know What, I'm Sorry I'm Not Gonna See You Anyone. Isn't It, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Yeah. I Hope There Was A Jerk Anyway.

Patrick Star: Hey! What's That?

George Pig: A Car!

Mr. Gus: For The Last Time, George, I Do Not Hear Another Word About Cars!

Peppa Pig: Yeah, You Said It.

Spongebob Squarepants: Sounds Pretty Close.

Mr. Gus: Just Don't Even START!

Peppa Pig: Sounds Real Close.

(Cartoons Hears The Car Screeching Sound, And People Walks, All The Cartoons Is Hide Something, Uncle Grandpa Looked Up, And Pizza Steve Looked Left, All The Cartoons Running In The Window And Saw "For Sale" Sign, Hammer Is Hitting Down The Sign)

George Pig: (Gasps)

Peppa Pig: Sounds Close.

Uncle Grandpa: Well, I Guess No One Needs To Anymore. (Singing) Bum Badum! Bum Badum! Bum Badum!

George Pig: (Crying)

Pizza Steve: Aaahhhhhhhh!

Peppa Pig: STOP IT!!!!

(Peppa Pig Pulls And Jump Up The Box)

Peppa Pig: We Have To FIND Them!

Pizza Steve, George Pig, And Mr. Gus: WHAT?!?

Mr. Gus: What Are You Talking About? What Do You Mean?

Peppa Pig: We Are Gonna Go Out And Find The Master!

George Pig: In The City?

Peppa Pig: Yes, George. No Matter What.

Pizza Steve: Yeah? But What About The Pizza Steve's Handshot ASAP!?

Uncle Grandpa: Or You Can Signed Of Religion Slip?

Peppa Pig: I... I Don't Know.

Mr. Gus: What Are You Talking About, Peppa Pig? Are You Serious?

Peppa Pig: I Am Serious!

Mr. Gus: You're Insane!

Uncle Grandpa: Or We Gonna Mind Of Traveling Issues.


Peppa Pig: What?!?

Uncle Grandpa: Sorry, Got A Teleport.

Mr. Gus: You're ALL Insane!

Pizza Steve: Listen, I Was To Be Friendship About A Dog. In 3 Weeks Later, We Have To Got Of That Girl And The True Meaning Of The Dogs. And He's Huffing And Awesome For The Radio.

Mr. Gus: (Sighs)

Pizza Steve: And He's Gets Tired For Us, You Have To No One Of Date Jorts, And Got Joining In For The McCafe's. And Remember, Ha. There Is One Freaky Little Pup.

Peppa Pig: Well, The Master Said You Can Do It, WE CAN DO IT!

George Pig: (Snorts Twice) Master!

Peppa Pig: Ahh, Don't Be A Blue Piggy.

Patrick Star: Yeah, But What About Those Parking Shots?

Mr. Gus: But Drive Can Not Be Smash It, Either.

Patrick Star: Yeah, You Said Do It To Me.

George Pig: I Want To Go To Master! I Was Used To Be Our Master! (Put George's Head Down)

Peppa Pig: See What I Got, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: You Know What, I've Been Thinking.

Peppa Pig: What Are You Look Like, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: And Now For The Last Puzzle Thing It Means, We Are You Guys Wanted To. And We Can Travel The Journey And Adventure. Together, We Got Of Forest Of NATURE!!

Patrick Star: Is That Predator?

Pizza Steve: No, We Are Monitor!

Patrick Star: Yeah, You Know What? I've Been Thinking. You Must Been All The Job. So What's He Doing?

Peppa Pig: Well, Maybe You Can Help Us!

Pizza Steve: Now Listen To This, Now That's The Question Is The Question, And Show The Move As An Italian Kara-tay! HI-YA! (Pizza Steve Hitting Patrick Star Happily) HI-YA! HOT TA TA!! HOT TAY TAAA!!!

Peppa Pig: You Know, I Think Something Would Like...

Patrick Star: Is Loud!

George Pig: And Grumpy!

Pizza Steve: Or Is It A Reaction Of A Pizza Steve Is The Coolest Awesome Thing!

(Peppa Pig Pushes Off Patrick Star, George Pig And Pizza Steve)

Peppa Pig: Well?

(Mr. Gus Comes In)

Mr. Gus: I Just GOT To Get Rid Of This!

Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Spongebob, Patrick, Wander, Sylvia: HOORAY!!! (Laughs)

Patrick Star: Hey, Peppa Pig! Are You Ready For Forest Of Nature?

Peppa Pig: Just A Minute, Patrick Star! I Think I'm Going To Solving For Help.

Pizza Steve: Yeah, I Supposed That Will More Than Awesome Before Us.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, I Think So Too, Pizza Steve. We Trying To Gotta Go Out To See The Forest Of Nature. Now Will Be More About This Things!

Patrick Star: Hey, I've Got An Idea! How About We Trying To Move A Mattress So We Can Push Us Out, And Then, Mr. Gus Push Us.

(Mr. Gus Pushes A Mattress And All The Cartoons Is Falling Down The Stairs And Crashes)

Patrick Star: No No No. (Gasps) HEY! How About We Used A Master's Pogo Stick!

(Cartoons Are Bouncing At Pogo Stick, And They Bounced Fast And Crashes)

Patrick Star: That's Not Good. (Gasps) I Know! How About We Can Ride In The Refrigerator!

(Mr. Gus Pulls Out A Refrigerator, And George Pig Is Cold Inside)

Patrick Star: No No No. HEY!

Pizza Steve: SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

Peppa, George, Mr. Gus, Uncle Grandpa, Wander, Sylvia, Spongebob: SHUT UP!!!

Pizza Steve: Let's Use At The Blanket For Using This. Arise, I Say! Arise Has Stool! Arise O' Magic Carpet!

(Peppa With A Super Blanket On The Back, And Flying For 1 Second And Falls Off, Peppa Pig Saws A Chair And Gets An Idea)

(All Cartoons Is On The Chair To Rides Mr. Gus, Walks Heavily, And Mr. Gus Opens My Eyes Wide, And Plugs Pulls Off)

Peppa Pig: I Think We Need A Bigger Cord.

Pizza Steve: Well, It Looks Like We Can Use A Power Sources, I Think.

(Mr. Gus Moves The Flashlight Down, Peppa Pig Gots A Power Source And Ta-Da Sound)

(Peppa Pig Puts The Power Source In The Chair And Hops All The Cartoons On The Chair)

Peppa Pig: Well, I Guess This Is It.

(George Looks At Master's Picture)

Mr. Gus: Hey, George!

(George Looks At Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: Are You Ready To Go?

George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Peppa Pig: Yes, George. I Think He Sets Up.

(Sees The Door And All The Cartoons)

(Door Is Opened Slowly, And All The Cartoons Is Surprised)

(Zoom In The Forest Of Nature, And Shows Up In The Sky And Now Forest Appears)

Forest Of The LandEdit

Mr. Gus: Hm! Stupid Blue Little Piggy.

Pizza Steve: Hey, Patrick Star! (Points To The Sun) I Think There Goes The Sun Over There!

Patrick Star: Wow, So Bright! And Now It's Time For Me To Celebrate.

Pizza Steve: Yeah, I Supposed That You Can Do Is, Patrick Star. I Always Lift In The Changes. (Switch Left And Right On A Shades)

(Turns The Left Of My Shades And The Nature Music)

Wander, Sylvia, Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Spongebob, Patrick: HOORAY!!

Wander: WOOHOOO!!!!!

(All The Cartoons Rides Up And Down The Slides)

Spongebob, Patrick, Peppa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Wander, Sylvia, And George: WHEEEE!

Patrick Star: (Giggles) Man, That Is Pretty Funny! I Supposed That Will Be Here Right Now.

(Pizza Steve Kicks Peppa Pig)

Peppa Pig: OUCH! Pizza Steve, You Almost Stepped On Me!

Pizza Steve: Did Not!

Peppa Pig: Did Too!

Pizza Steve: Did Not!

Peppa, George, And Mr. Gus: Did Too!

Pizza Steve: Did Not!

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, HEY! Listen Up, Peppa Pig And Pizza Steve, We Are Not Arguing To Each Other. We're Trying To Be Our Friend.

Peppa Pig: Oh. Are We Nearly There Yet?

Uncle Grandpa: Nope. Not Yet. We've Got A Long Way To Go.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, You Telling Me.

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Life is like a journey on a road that's within. Head says you should stay, but your heart says to begin. So you go...

Peppa, George, And Mr. Gus: (Singing) But you don't wanna go.

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Any life worth living, Isn't life just filled with ease. You just stay forgiving through the forest and the trees

Peppa Pig And Uncle Grandpa: (Singing) And you'll go... Just where you wanna go.

Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Wander, Sylvia, Spongebob, And Patrick Star: (Singing) Time flies by in the city of light, Time stands still in the country.

Mr. Gus: (Sighs)

Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Wander Sylvia, Spongebob, And Patrick Star: (Singing) There's no time for a fuss and a fight, As we travel the land.

Patrick Star And Pizza Steve: (Singing) And I'd be satisfied, just to be not denied.

Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Wander, Sylvia, Spongebob, And Patrick Star: (Singing) To reside with some pride, While I ride, To the city, the city of light!

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Light shines like a diamond in the city at night.

Pizza Steve: (Singing) When that diamond shines you know that everything's all right.

Mr. Gus: (Singing) But you know... We got a way to go.

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Let us meet the master, We don't wanna make him wait.

Peppa Pig And Uncle Grandpa: (Singing) You just keep a-knockin', He will open up the gate. To that city of light!

Pizza Steve: (Singing) Master is a man with a plan I can understand.

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Master is a man of great reflection.

Uncle Grandpa: (Singing) Master is a man who lays his hand across the land.

Peppa Pig: (Singing) Master is the man of our affection!

Spongebob, Patrick, Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Wander And Sylvia: (Singing) Time flies by in the city of light, Time stands still in the country. There's no time for a fuss and a fight, As we travel the land.

Patrick Star And Pizza Steve: (Singing) And I'd be satisfied, just to be not denied.

Spongebob, Patrick, Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Wander And Sylvia: (Singing) To reside with some pride, While I ride, To the city, the city of light!

Dark Forest At NightEdit

(Cut To The Dark Forest At Night, Mr. Gus Is Stopped Working, Mr. Gus Using A Fast Running)

Mr. Gus: (Coughs)

Patrick Star: Hey, Cartoons! Look! A CLEARING!

Mr. Gus: Oh, Great, Patrick Star. Let's Spread Out The Blanket And Have One For A Picnic.

Peppa Pig: But I'm Full Of Stickers!

Mr. Gus: (Shows A Weight Gain) Well, My Stomach Is Full Of Frizzles And Sticks And A... WHO KNOWS What Else. (Talks To Pizza Steve) Who's Idea Are Gonna Have To Come This Way, Anyway?

Pizza Steve: That Was A Patrick Lamestars, I Tell Ya!

Patrick Star: Oh Yeah, Pizza Steve? Who Supposed Behind The Master In The Big Shoot Navigator Around Here, Mr. Loudmouth? Mr. Big... LOUDMOUTH?!?

Mr. Gus: YEAH!

Peppa Pig: Where Are We, Anyway?

Pizza Steve: You See, It Is A Lost Survivalest. OH! Listen To This! Now I've Been Not Be Playing, We Throw Rocks! And TOUCHDOWN! (Bonks 7 Cartoons) And.. Ooh.. LOOK OUT! OOH, That's A Very Good At This Game!

Peppa Pig; Knock It Off, You Guys! People Are Trying To Go To Sleep!

(Patrick Stars Drops The Rock On The Ground)

(Patrick Star Puts It And Pat On The Rock And Lay Down, Patrick Star Have One Right Eye Open)

Pizza Steve: Well, You Should Been Working Any Minute Now, Patrick Star.

Patrick Star: Well, You Going To Be Able At Work At 6 As Usual.

Mr. Gus: What Do You Mean, Patrick Star? You Didn't Work Today.

Pizza Steve: You're Telling Me, Mr. Gus! This Is Pizza Steve's Sleeping Bed! And Never Cross The Line.

(George Pig Looks At Patrick Star's Bed, George Pig Is Happy And Walks To Left)

Patrick Star: Go Sleep Someone Else, You Little Fussball. (Sleeps)

(George Pig Is Feeling Sad, Walks To The Right)

(George Pig Looks At Pizza Steve's Bed)

George Pig: (Gasps)

(George Pig And Walks To Right, Pizza Steve's Hand Has A Stop Sign)

Pizza Steve: Uh Uh Uh Uh! Wait, George, Wait! That's Not George Pig's Line! It's... It's... It's My Line! And It's.. Uh...

Mr. Gus: Good Night! (Closed The Eyes And Sleep)

(George Pig Is Feeling Sad, Walks To The Left)

(George Pig Looks At Peppa Pig's Bed, George Pig Is Happy, Walks To The Right, Grabs Peppa Pig And Went To Sleep)

(Peppa Pig Opened My Eyes Tiredly)

Peppa Pig: Come On, George. I'm Not The Master. Go Snuggle Somewhere Else. I'm Trying To Get Some Sleep.

(George Pig Is Feeling Sad, Walk Slowly To The Right, Sleeps)

George Pig: (Sighs)

(Wipes In The Half Moon At Night, Fade To Black, And The Sun Appears In The Morning)

In The WoodsEdit

(Mr. Gus And All The Cartoons Are Riding In The Woods, Peppa Pig Is Stuck In The Corner Of The Tree)

Peppa Pig: AAH!!! NO! DON'T LEAVE ME!!!

(Patrick Stars Picked Peppa Pig Up And Back On The Chair, And Rides To The Right, And Making A Nature Sounds)

Wander: Hey! What's That?

(All The Cartoons Looked Around The Woods, And Hearing A Nature Sounds)

Sylvia: Here It Comes!

(Searching To The Grass)

Wander: The Light. Here Comes The LIGHT!!

(All The Cartoons Sees The Forest Of Nature)

Forest Of NatureEdit

(All The Cartoons Searching A Grass Of Nature, Black Circle Frog Hopping To The Right)

(Wacky Black Circle Is A Goofy Laughter, Flies Are Buzzing, Black Circle Frog Licks His Tongue On Peppa Pig)

(Mr. Gus And George Pig Surprised)

(Black Circle Frog Pulled Out The Tongue On Peppa Pig, Black Circle Frog Sees Peppa Pig, Black Circle Waves "Hello" And Wacky Giggles, Black Circle Punches A Grass Dominos And Bonks The Other Black Circle)

Pizza Steve: You Know, Mr. Gus, I'm Absolutely Part Of A Drum Solo From Logical Calloways, Like This.

(Drum Solo)


(Fish Is Singing, Black Circle Throws The Black Food On The Fish's Mouth, Fish Are Inflated, And Splashes In The Water)

(George Pig Sees A Lots Of Black Circle, Black Circle Is Getting George, George Pig Is Feeling Ticklish)

George Pig: (Laughs)

(Worm Hears A Red Eagle, The Worm Sees The Red Eagle, The Worm Screams, Red Eagle Gots A Worm, Fish Is Putting A Worm, Black Circle Is A Swimming Lesson, Red Eagle Hawks, Fish Gets A Fish, And The Fish Is Singing, And Splashes In The Water, Cuts To Underwater, And The Worm Screams In The Bubble)

(Fades To Peppa Pig, Stickman Is Making A Funny Faces)


(Lots Of Black Circle Sees On Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig Is So Scared, And Peppa Pig Running Away In The Forest)

Peppa Pig: (Pant, Pant, Pant)

(Peppa Pig Sees A Flower, Walks To The Left)

Peppa Pig: Oh, Don't Worry, Flower. It's Just A Reflection. And All The Flowers Loves It And Names With Peppa's.

(Flower Loves Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig Is Running Away)

Peppa Pig: AAAH!!!!

(Peppa Pig Sees A Flower Again, Peppa Pig Is Feeling Sad, And Walk To The Right, The Flowers Is Shining, Peppa Pig Is Walked Away, Looks To The Left And Feeling Sad, And Peppa Pig Continues Walked Away)

(Black Circle Is A Wacky Laughter)

George Pig: AAAH!! AAHH!!! HELP!!

Peppa Pig: Leave Us Alone!

(George Pig Pulled Up At George Pig, Black Circle Sees The Master's Picture)

George Pig: No!

(George Pig Grabs A Master's Picture)

Peppa Pig: Goodbye, Everyone!

All The Wacky Friends: Bye!

In The Woods At NightEdit

(All The Cartoons Rides In The Woods)

Pizza Steve: Oh, Come On, George! Are You Crying?

Patrick Star: Yeah, George! You Have Crying To Me And Sad What I Do! (Mocking A Baby) WAAAAH!

(Peppa Pig Push Over Pizza Steve And Patrick Star)

Peppa Pig: STOP, Pizza Steve And Patrick Star! You Are Arguing To Her!

(Peppa Pig Is Petting On George Pig, All The Cartoons Rides In The Woods Far Away At Night, The Eagle Is Hawking, All The Cartoons Is Feeling Worried, All The Cartoons Rides In The Log And Back To The Woods)

Mr. Gus: Remember, Guys And Uncle Grandpa, We've Got To Be Quiet! Make Sure You Turned Off.

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Yeah. Right.

(Uncle Grandpa Turning The Flashlight Off, All The Cartoons Gets Off The Chair)

Uncle Grandpa: And You Know What The Pet Name Ever?

Peppa Pig: What, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: It's Giant Realistic Flying Tiger!

Giant Realistic Flying Tiger: ROAR!

Mr. Gus: What The?!? Are You Crazy, Uncle Grandpa? You Know What's That Mean We've Been Doing Here! You're All Invited! You're Just A Bagel Awesome!!

(Giant Realistic Flying Tiger Roars At Mr. Gus, And Flying Away)

Uncle Grandpa: Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! COME BACK! Eh, He'll Be Back. (Gasps) Oh, Look! A CAVE! Hey, Guys! Check Out The Light!

(Uncle Grandpa Turned The Flashlight On With A Scary Faces)

Mr. Gus, Peppa, George, Wander, Sylvia, Pizza Steve, Spongebob, And Patrick Star: AAAAHHHHH!!!!! (Runs Off)

Uncle Grandpa: What's Wrong, Guys?

Pizza Steve: Eaten Alive, Uncle G! Before I Will ZAP!

(Uncle Grandpa Sees The Scary Faces, And Hears A Werewolf Howling Sound)

Uncle Grandpa And Belly Bag: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!! (Runs Off, And Hiding A Rock)

Pizza Steve: Wow, Belly Bag. I Thought He Was A Goner.

Belly Bag: Yeah, You Wished.

Wander: Well, I Guess No One Has An Escalator.

Mr. Gus: Maybe We Took The Last Of Them.

(Peppa Pig Is Blowing A Raspberries)

Pizza Steve: Come Over Here And Say It, Chrome-dome!

Mr. Gus: WHAT?!?

Pizza Steve: I'm Sorry About That, Mr. Gus. I Meant To Say... Grumpious Dinosaur.

Mr. Gus: GRRRR...

Pizza Steve: Attention, Everyone! It's A Shotdown! All The Important In A Brake Down!

(Mr. Gus Growls, And Turned Red, And Mr. Gus Runs As Fast As You Can)

Pizza Steve: And For Being...

(Mr. Gus Falls Over)

Pizza Steve: OOH! HOORAY!! Nice Cheering, Everyone! YEAH! Pizza Steve Is In! YAAAAAAAOW!!!

Patrick Star: Hey, Guys! Look!

(George Pig Joins In The Tent, And Fade To All The Cartoons Is In The Tent, And Hearing A Music Called "Star Spangled Banner")

Pizza Steve: Thank You And Good Night, All The Cartoons. And This Is Pizza Steve Signing Off! Well, I Least I Have To Be A Problem Before Midnight.

Peppa Pig: Good Night, George!

George Pig: Night Night. (Yawns)

Uncle Grandpa: You Know What, Peppa? You Know What That Has A Years Are So?

Peppa Pig: Yes, Uncle Grandpa. I Always A Single Thing Shows Up. Just In Case.

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, I've Been Saw It Too, Peppa Pig. So What Are About This Helping Anyway?

Peppa Pig: You Know... I Think Is My Best Friend, Teddy. And All Those So Many Toys, And Also... I Have To Speak.

Uncle Grandpa: So What Are We Supposed To That?

Peppa Pig: Well...

(Imagination Time Begins, Teddy Head Falls Off)

Peppa Pig: (Offscreen) Everytime, Teddy Is Broken.

(Master Is Awake And Saw Teddy's Head Is Missing)

Uncle Grandpa: (Offscreen) OH, THAT'S IT!! Oh, Wait A Minute. Belly Bag, I've Been Thinking.

Belly Bag: (Offscreen) Oh Yeah, Uncle Grandpa. I Thought... THAT'S IT! It's... It's... It's OVER! I'M BURNED OUT 86TH... TO THE SHOWERS!!!

(Master Found A Teddy's Head And Put It Back On And Master Is Reading A Book, When The Imagination Time Ends)

Peppa Pig: And That Is A True Story Of The Master.

Uncle Grandpa: Well, That's Pretty Safe To Me. So... Good Night, Peppa Pig. (Closed The Eyes)

Peppa Pig: Good Night, Uncle Grandpa. (Yawns, Sleeps)

Peppa's DreamEdit

(The Dream Begins, Master Picked Up Peppa Pig, And Hug Em And Love Em)

(Master Looks At Peppa Pig, Master Puts A Tongue Out)

Master: LAAAAAA?

(Master Confused And Master Is Happy, And Surprised, And Looking To The Right)

(Gray Cloud Grabs Master And Got Him)

Master: AAH!!!

Peppa Pig: MASTER!!

(Peppa Pig Grabs Master Hand, Peppa Pig Can't Hold It Much Longer, Peppa Pig Is Too Late, Master Grabs The Wall, And Grabs Away)

Master: AAAH!!!

Peppa Pig: MASTER, NO!!!

(Peppa Pig Looks At Creepy Clown, Shows Creepy Clown With Fork And A Knife, And Sees Creepy Clown's Face)

Creepy Clown: RUN!

Peppa Pig: AAAAH!!! (Runs Off)

(Creepy Clown Sprays The Gray Water With A Hose On, Water Turns Into A Fork And Sword Down At Peppa Pig, Peppa Pig Runs As Fast As You Can, And Peppa Pig Hangs On The Ladder On The Top)

Creepy Clown: (Evil Laughs)

(Peppa Pig Falls Down The Water In The Pot, And Making A Shocking Effect, And Hears The Lightning Sounds, And Peppa Pig Has Awaked And Having The Nightmare, And All The Cartoons Are Feared)

In The Woods At NightEdit

(Peppa Pig Sees A Lightning)

(Lightning Flashes The Tent And George Pig To Fly Away)

George Pig: AAAH!!!

Peppa Pig: GEORGE!!! George! George!

(The Wind Blows While It's Lightning)

Mr. Gus: I Think The Lightning Is Skating Us!

Pizza Steve: Don't Worry, Mr. Gus! I Supposed That Everything Is Working! Let Pizza Steve Show You How It's Done. (Runs To The Right)

Peppa Pig: GEORGE!

Mr. Gus: GEORGE!

(Pizza Steve Goes On The Box, Pizza Steve Sees A Cartoons)

Mr. Gus: George!

Peppa Pig: GEORGE!

(Pizza Steve Gets Grumpy And Sees It When The Lightning Flashes)

Peppa Pig: George?!?

Mr. Gus: George!

Peppa Pig: GEORGE!!

(Pizza Steve Sees A Cartoons Again, Pizza Steve Gets Angry And Sees It When The Lightning Flashes)

(The Wind Blows Even Harder, The Lightning Strikes At Pizza Steve, And Broke Pizza Steve's Shades And Shocking Pizza Steve)

Peppa Pig: (Gasps) PIZZA STEVE!!

(Pizza Steve Is Fainted, All The Cartoons Is Feeling Sad And Saw Pizza Steve Is Dead, And Fade To Black And Fade To Pizza Steve Too)

In The Woods At The MorningEdit

Peppa Pig: George! GEORGE!

George Pig: AAAH!!!!

Mr. Gus: I Think George Is Up In The Tree!

Peppa Pig: Pizza Steve, Are You Okay?

Pizza Steve: Yeah, I Think So Too, Peppa Pig! But I Think I Broke My Shades!

(Pizza Steve Pushed The Shades)

Pizza Steve: (Sighs) My Shades Is Not Working, But Seriously, It's Broken!

Peppa Pig: Don't Worry, George. I'm Coming Back Down.

(Peppa Pig Tries To Reach George Up In To The Tree, And Can't Reach)

Peppa Pig: I Can't Reach.

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Peppa Pig. Maybe That Can Help. It's Right There On That Tree.

(Uncle Grandpa Tries To Reach George Up In The Tree, And Can't Reach)

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) Just A Little Reach.

Belly Bag; Um, Uncle Grandpa. I Think Mr. Gus Can Help Us Out.

Uncle Grandpa: You're Right, Belly Bag.

Mr. Gus: (Sighs) Fine, I'm In.

Uncle Grandpa: Okay, Misterish Gus. Time To Save George. Ehhh.... Go... Come On.... Neh... I Know uh... That Will Be A Fortune! DEAH!

(Mr. Gus Slides Up In The Tree To Save George Pig)

George Pig: (Gasps) Mr. Gus!

(George Pig Grabs Mr. Gus Eyes, Mr. Gus Can't See, And Mr. Gus Falling Down On The Grass Floor)

George Pig: Mr. Gus!

(George Pig Is Hugging Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: Don't Hug At Me, George! You're The Dumbest Cartoons Ever! Especially Not You Too!

(Mr. Gus Walks To The Right)

Uncle Grandpa: Now I Feel Pain.

At The Waterfall PlaceEdit

(Mr. Gus Walks To The Left, And Surprised)

Mr. Gus: Wh- What The? What The? OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!!! I Did Uh... I Did Uh... UHUH.... UH...

(Sees The Waterfalls, And Mr. Gus Is So Freaking Out And Mad)

Peppa Pig: MR. GUS! NO!

Pizza Steve: Get The Foot Out Of His Mouth! Don't Let Em Swallow It!

Peppa Pig: Don't Worry, Pizza Steve! I've Got You To Tell Us Something.

(Peppa Pig Bonks Mr. Gus's Head, Mr. Gus Faints)

Pizza Steve: Well, I Guess I'm Not Gonna See It After All.

Patrick Star: Uh... Spongebob?

Spongebob Squarepants; Yes, Patrick?

Patrick Star: Are You Sure You Know What You Doing About This For Mr. Gus? I Think He's Dying.

Spongebob Squarepants: Yeah. I Supposed That, Patrick.

Patrick Star: That Will Be Used To It.

Spongebob Squarepants: It Doesn't Matter.

Peppa Pig: Hey, Guys! Look! It's Alive!

Pizza Steve: Wake Up, Mr. Gus!

(Mr. Gus Opened The Eyes)

Pizza Steve: (Gasps) He's Finally Awake!

Peppa Pig: Yeah!

Peppa, George, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Spongebob, Patrick, Wander, Sylvia: HOORAY!!! (Laughs)

Mr. Gus: THAT'S IT!! Lay Off! Lay Off!

Peppa Pig: What's The Matter, Mr. Gus?

Patrick Star: We're So Worried About You.

Pizza Steve: You Been Forced To Eaten Alive, Pal!

Mr. Gus: Well, There's Nothing Wrong With Me, Pal! Just BACK OFF!!

Peppa Pig: Don't Be Angry!

Mr. Gus: You.. Are Not Thinking! Don't Touch My The Fuzzy Thing On My Chrome! What Are You Guys Shame On Yourself? Because All My Life Just Put It In The Dead Weight? We're Gotta Go Without You!

George Pig: But... Mr. Gus!

Mr. Gus: Except You, You Muddy Little Blue Hog!


Mr. Gus: At Least Why We Didn't Think Of.

(All The Cartoons Is Hanging On The Line)

Patrick Star: Are You Okay, Mr. Gus? I'll Show You For A Facular Contract.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, I Think So Too, Patrick Star. I Have An Attention.

Peppa Pig: MR. GUS!!

(Mr. Gus Is Swinging All The Cartoons And Peppa Pig Holds On To The Rope)

Patrick Star: Yeah, I Think That Something, Now Hold On Tight, Peppa Pig!

Pizza Steve: Whenever They Do, Peppa Pig, Don't Look Down!

(Peppa Pig Looks Down And Peppa's Eyes Is Started To Swirl, And Peppa's Eyes Back To Normal And Stay Focused)

Peppa Pig: Uh... Okay. I Supposed To Do That. (Talks To Mr. Gus) Hanging Up, Mr. Gus!

(Peppa Pig Looks Down And Looks At Mr. Gus, Peppa's Eyes Is Started To Swirl Again, And Peppa's Eyes Back To Normal Again And Keep Focusing)

Peppa Pig: Uhhh.... AAAH!!!

(Peppa Pig Slipped To The Right And Swinging All The Cartoons Again, Mr. Gus Is Shocked, Mr. Gus Pulls Up Tight, And Mr. Gus Can't Hold It Much Longer, But It's Too Late, All The Cartoons Are Falling In The Water)

Mr. Gus: HUH?!?

(Mr. Gus Looks At The Water, Mr. Gus Is Sad, Mr. Gus Walked Away, In 10 Seconds Later, Mr. Gus Jumps And Falls Down In The Water And Mr. Gus Is Trying To Save My Friends On The Water)

Patrick Star: AAAH!!!

(Mr. Gus Got Patrick Star)

George Pig: AAAH!!!

(Mr. Gus Got George Pig Too And Zooms In The Patrick Star's Arm)

Pizza Steve: HELP, SAVE ME!!

(Mr. Gus Got Pizza Steve As Well, Pizza Steve Punches Mr. Gus)

Pizza Steve: And Take That, You Evil Toward!

Mr. Gus: That's Why I Trying To Say!

Pizza Steve: Sorry, Mr. Gus! WATCH OUT OF THAT WATERFALL!!

Mr. Gus, George Pig, Patrick Star And Pizza Steve: AAAAAHH!!!!

(Mr. Gus, George Pig, Patrick Star And Pizza Steve Falls Out Of The Waterfall, And Splashes The Water)

Mr. Gus, George Pig, Patrick Star And Pizza Steve: (GASPS)

Peppa Pig: (Underwater) AAAH!!!

(Peppa Pig Bumps On The Floor In Underwater And Peppa Pig Grabs Mr. Gus's Leg And Goes Up)

Pizza Steve: Way A Go, Mr. Gus! Pizza Steve Is IN!

Patrick Star: Nice Work, Mr. Gus! I Will Set You Home Free!

Mr. Gus: Yeah, Don't Be Invention It.

Spongebob, Patrick, George, Wander, Sylvia, Pizza Steve, Uncle Grandpa And Belly Bag: (Laughs)

Forest Of The WoodsEdit

Mr. Gus: Okay, Everybody Off.

Pizza Steve: Hey, Mr. Gus! I've Got Something For You! There Is A Leaf!

(Pizza Steve Puts The Leaf On Mr. Gus's Nose)

Pizza Steve: What's The Leaf On Your Nose, About ME?

Mr. Gus: TOOEY!

Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, George, Wander And Sylvia: (Laughs)

Patrick Star: Are You Crazy? (Giggles) That Tickles! You Cracked Me Up! (Laughs)

Peppa Pig; Where Are We?

Wander: We're In The Nature Zone!

(Peppa Pig Walks Away)

Wander: Hey, Where Are You Going? This Place Is Amazing.

Sylvia: Wander, Peppa Is Very Sad.

Wander: Oh, You're Right, Sylvia. I Always Kicked Out.

Pizza Steve: Wow, He Walked Away And Feel Sad.

Patrick Star: Yeah. Why Should I, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: Well, At Least He Gave One Of Us Right Now.

Patrick Star: (Looks At Pizza Steve) So We Lost And For Me Anything?

The RiverEdit

(Peppa Pig Is Sobbing, And Dropped Peppa's Tears Into The River, Looks At The River, And Peppa Pig Puts The Hands Slapped The Rivers And Splashes, Fades To Pizza Steve)

The QuicksandEdit

Pizza Steve: (Sighs) Well, I Guess I Haven't Got To Go.

Peppa Pig: Yes, Pizza Steve. Come On, Let's Go Home.

(Mr. Gus Stomps The Foot On The Rock)

(Mr. Gus Falls Off And Splashing In The Quicksand)

Peppa Pig: Mr. Gus, Are You Okay?

Mr. Gus: Yeah, I Think So Too.

Peppa Pig: But, I Thought There Was The Master.

Mr. Gus: Yeah. Remember Uncle Grandpa And All The Cartoons, We Just Stay Here, Let's Start Practicing In Process Right Here, Okay?

Uncle Grandpa: Mr. Gus, Inflate Your Bag!

Mr. Gus: Help Me! Help Me! OOH-EE...

Peppa Pig: AAAH!!! Mr. Gus Is Sinking! It's A Nightmare!!

George Pig: AAAAH!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Peppa And George. I'll Take Care To Save Mr. Gus. HI-YAAAAAH!!!!! (Uncle Grandpa Grabs Mr. Gus) Darn It. (Uncle Grandpa Is Stuck On The Quicksand) HEEELP!!!


Uncle Grandpa: How Do I Help For, Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: Stop When I Tried To You, Uncle G!

Uncle Grandpa: PIZZA STEVE!!

Wander: AAAH!! (Wander Grabs Uncle Grandpa) WHOA! (Wander Is Stuck On Uncle Grandpa Hand)

Sylvia: WANDER!! (Sylvia Grabs Wander And Sylvia Is Stuck On Wander And Uncle Grandpa As Well)

Spongebob Squarepants: Uh, Patrick?

Patrick Star: Yes, Spongebob?

Spongebob Squarepants: I Guess It's Time To Save All My Friends!

Patrick Star: You Said It!

(Peppa, George, Patrick And Spongebob Squarepants Pulls Sylvia's Hand And It's Not Strong Enough)

Patrick Star: It's Not Big Enough! Yeah, It's About You Hiss Yourself?

Pizza Steve: You Don't Wanna Be Hiss Yourself!

Patrick Star: WHAT?!?

Spongebob Squarepants: PATRICK!!

Peppa Pig: George, Don't Go Down!

George Pig: I'm Not Scared!

Pizza Steve: Well, That's All Time For Today, Because Pizza Steve Signing Out. And Problem Resort. And Coming Soon, June- (Switches Left And Right On The Broken Glasses In 18 Seconds, And Turns On The "Mammy" Music)

(Pizza Steve Counts His Fingers To Three, Evil Men Grabs Pizza Steve's Hand)

Evil Men: Wait, Is That Pizza Steve? What Kind Of Show Am I? Oh, I Get It! It's Uncle Grandpa! Oh, And All The Toys We've Got You. I've Gotta Go Back To The Car. WHOOPSIE DAISY!

(Evil Men Drives Into House)

Outside The HouseEdit

Evil Men: WE'RE HERE!

Evil Men's HouseEdit

(Evil Men Comes In The House, Peppa Pig Looks At R.I.P. Cartoons And Looks Up At Private Room)

The Private RoomEdit

Evil Men: This Is A Private Room. There You Go, You Plastic Buddy. And Where Can I Find That Key?

(Evil Men Shuts The Door)

Pizza Steve: Well, I Guess The Cost Is Clear.

Black Circle: (Laughs) You Don't Need To Tell Him What To Do With Him! He's Always A Good Helpful.

Pizza Steve: But I Broke My Shades.

Black Circle: Oh, You Broke My Shades? Aww, Poor Little Pizza. Here, You Can Have Mine!

(Black Circle Puts On The New Shades For Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: Thanks, Man. So How Long Has There In Your Glasses, Anyway.

Black Circle: Yeah, I Think So Too But You Can Do This At The Same Time, And The Same Ways.

(All Dirty Cartoons Is Shocked And Hiding Stuffs)

Evil Men: I Know What's Somewhere From. So Where's Hands? Hmm.. How Sad Anyways. This Will Be... What Do You Want To Be... Wait A Minute, You Didn't Want To Be! You Look Like A Banjos! No.... That's Not It. Hmm.... It Doesn't Get Any Worse.

Other Hands: AAAH!!! (Runs To The Right And Scared)

Evil Men: I'll Take Care Of This One! (Evil Men Grabs Other Hands)

Evil Men: Kinda Little Itchy Alive! And The Worst Song EVER?!?

(Evil Men Is Putting A Flu Shot And Pins At Hands, Mr. Gus Close The Eyes Shut, Mr. Gus Runs To The Tool Basket)

Evil Men: I Found The Chatterbox! I Love You Somebody! HEY! I Found The CHATTERBOX!

(Evil Men Slams The Door Shut)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man! That Was A Close One!

Black Circle: (Laughs) There's No One Can't Be Left To Do! He's A Genius.

Uncle Grandpa: Now What Are We Supposed To Do? You're A Dirty Cartoons!

Black Circle: Yeah, This Is A B Movie Was Trying To DO! He's A LION!!

(All Dirty Cartoons Is Laughing)

Black Circle: Hey, Buddy! HIT IT!

Records Player: Sure Thing, Boss. (Giggles)

(Records Player Plays A Records Called "Organ Music", All The Cartoons Are Afraid, Uncle Grandpa Turns The Mustache Around His Neck And Opens The Mouth And Puts The Tongue Out)

All Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) Watch yourself, Don't fall off of the shelf.

Girl Black Circle: (Singing) You must be the new boys in town.

Peppa Pig: What's that sound? Did someone movin' round?

Black Circle: How Long Can You Tell, You don't look so well.

Hands: (Singing) Just A Minute, The Foxy Is Up Forget, You might as well just hanging around.

Three Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) It's too late, We've got to operate!

Black Circle: Just try to relax, It's a house of wax!

All Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) Oh, I remember Frankenstein Shivers up my spine, wo-oh!

Mr. Gus: (Singing)  I'm forgetting out of here. 

All Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) No need to shout, my dear, no-oh!

Who will go to the cellar down below? Trouble is a-bubblin' in the brew,  And while you're down there Mr. Vincent Price,  Will give you good advice.

Black Circle: He'll know what to do, We Just Saying...

All Dirty Cartoons: "Boo!" (Singing) He will put the voodoo in the stew I'm telling you!

It's like a movie,  It's a B-movie show!  It's like a movie,  It's a B-movie show!

Mash-Mash: Ahoo, Look At Me! Barf Barf Barf! I'm A Can Opener, A Lamp, And A Shaver! AHOHOHOHOHO GOD! I'm A Mish-Mash!

(Mish-Mash Faints And String Picks A Mish-Mash)

Mr. Gus: This is weird.

Pizza Steve: (Singing) It's much worse than I feared.

Peppa Pig: (Singing)  I'll close my eyes and make it disappear.

Mr. Gus, Pizza Steve And Peppa Pig: (Singing) This Is Strange!

Oven: (Singing)  It ain't home on the range.

All Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) You just tell St. Pete, That you got cold feet...

Spongebob, Patrick, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus, Peppa Pig, George, Wander, And Sylvia: (Singing) There goes the sun,  Here comes the night!  Somebody turn on the light. Somebody tell me that fate has been kind.

9 Drawers And Hands: (Singing) You can't go out, You are out of your mind!

All Dirty Cartoons: (Singing) It's like a movie,  It's a B-movie show!  It's like a movie,  It's a B-movie show! AAH... AAH... AAH... AAH... AAH... AAH... AAAAAAHHHH!

(The Bell Rings 2 Times, And All Dirty Cartoons Hiding Stuffs)

Evil Men: I KNEW THAT, SON! (Evil Men Opens A Door)

Evil Men: I Know What Scary About Mind Of Specially Cartoonies And More Against Me. Now Where Is It Go? Hmm... Hmm... Give A Chance... HEY! Where's Pizza Steve? It's Right Here On A Very Very SPOT! Boy, I Don't Need Time For This.

Pizza Steve: Please, Peppa! You Make Me Realized, Nothing Is Been All The Time Today!

Peppa Pig: It's Only A Salution.

Evil Men: Where Are You? Where Are You? Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: Phew!


(Evil Men Gots Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: HEY! Not Cool!

(Evil Men Gets A Pizza Steve A Knife)

Peppa Pig: (Gasps) PIZZA STEVE!

Evil Men: Now I'm Going To Slice You Apart, Pizza Steve!

Peppa Pig: Where's Pizza Steve, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Um... I Don't Know.

Peppa Pig: Wait A Minute, That Gives Me An Idea!

Evil Men: Bwahahahahaha!

(All The Cartoons Turned The Lights Off)

Evil Men: Wait A Minute! What's Going On?

Mr. Gus: I'm A Ghost!

Peppa Pig And Mr. Gus: Wooooooooooooo!

(Evil Men Sees Peppa Pig And Mr. Gus Is Disguising As A Ghost Mirror)

Evil Men: OH NO!

Peppa Pig And Mr. Gus: Wooooooooooooooo!

(Zooms In The Mirror And Evil Men Appears)

Evil Men: (SCREAMS)


(Evil Men Screams And Runs To The Right And Turns Left And Hit The Corner And Falls Off)

Pizza Steve: There, You See? It Actually Worked! HOORAY! I Told You, It Worked! I Told You, I Told You, I Told You, I Knew It, I Knew It, I Knew It Worked! HA HAAA! Pizza Steve Strikes Again!


(White Circle Runs As Fast As You Can, All Dirty Cartoons Are Coming Out To The Private Room And Oven Too, White Circle Has A Key To Turn The Car On, White Circle Driving A Car)

Outside For Evil Men's HouseEdit

Cowboy: Howdy, Partners! I Think I'll Be More Like Bot 13.


Peppa, George, Patrick, Spongebob, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, And Pizza Steve: WHEEEEEEEE!!!!

(Zooms Out Left Up And Sees The City, Fades To Black)

Uncle Grandpa: That Was A Great Adventure. But It's Not Over Yet! Let's See What Special Place Is Up To.

In The CityEdit

(All The Cartoons Down, George Pig Loves Master's Picture, Fades To Lots Of Pictures, Stickman Grabs A Stickman's Picture In The Table)

At The HouseEdit

Stickman: There You Go! That Picture Is Good As New. Now It's Time To Do My Chores.

(Stickman Sweep It On The Mop, Walks The Dog, And Throws The Box In The Car)

Stickman: There You Go! Time For Workout Section. This Thing Is Too Tough.

(Stickman Walks To The Right)

Robotory: Phew! That Was A Close One, Wasn't It?

Red Circle: Yeah, I Supposed, You Know. Didn't You Want To Hurt Than Before?

Robotory: Yeah, You Just Have A Lots Of Hands, I Think?

Red Circle: DARRRR!!! (Red Hands Bonks The Head)

At The RoadEdit

(Cuts To The Road And All The Cartoons Is Running To The Right And Stickman's Red Car Is Driving To The Left)

Stickman: This Is My Name Stickgirl, And It's All I Asked. (Drives Off)

In The CityEdit

(All The Cartoons Is Walking To The Right And Stops)

Peppa Pig: Well, I Think We Have Coming To The Street. The Name Is... Uh.. Uhhh..... Uh.. Uh...

Pizza Steve: Streetgangs And Foxy 40 Line.

(Flashs To The Walk, All The Cartoons Walks To The Right, And Stickman's Red Car Is Driving At Home, And All The Cartoon Is Walking In The 115 Number)

Sylvia: We're Here!

(All The Cartoons Is Hiding In The Basket)

Peppa Pig: Is It Master Here?

George Pig: No.

Peppa Pig: I Think It's Not Here. We Just Sit Here And Wait.

Pizza Steve: Yeah, We Just Sit Here And Wait. And Never Get In! You Know What? LET'S FIGHT!! And You Gonna Fight This Jobby That Way Of This, Spongebob!

(Punches All The Cartoons)

Pizza Steve: AND... 

(Red Circle Opens A Door And Sees Pizza Steve)

Pizza Steve: SCRAM!!

Red Circle: EEK!

(Red Circle Slams The Door Shut, And All The Cartoons Are Neutral, And Red Hands Opens A Door Again)

Red Circle: Oh, I'm So Glad You're Here, Pizza Steve And All The Cartoons! What Do You Say? COME IN!


Stickman: Wow! Look At The Sky. This Is A Very Interesting Situation. What Can't Be More Like A Problem Like This Everyday.

In The Technology RoomEdit

Red Circle: Boy, I'm So Glad You're Here. I'll Get It, You Get It Into A Shopping.

Peppa Pig: What's A Shopping Mean?

Black Technology Round: The Shopping Is Total Of Technology. And That's Not Sooo Haarrrrd.

(Peppa Pig Is Happy)

Pizza Steve: Oh No! This Is Bad! This Is Very Very Bad! Pizza Steve Doesn't Like About Those Radio Things! (Runs OffAAAAAH!!!!

Peppa Pig: They Grow Up So Fast, Wasn't It, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Yeah. I Totally See It.

Lumpy Space Princess:                            Green Lousy Girl:

Oh My Glob!                                             Get Away!

You Are Going To Shut Up!                      What About That Guy?

Oh My Cabbage!                                       OMG!

IT'S PARTY TIME!                                      Hater's Gonna Hate. I Probably Can.

I Do What? Who's Ready To Party?           (Sighs) Whatever.

That Was Lame.

(Lumpy Space Princess And Green Lousy Girl Sees Pizza Steve)

Lumpy Space Princess And Green Lousy Girl: HEY, GIRL!

Pizza Steve: (Gasps) Don't Call Me Girl, You Lumpy Space Princess And Green Glob Girl! Sheesh. What A Bunch Of Grumps Of These Girls.

(Lumpy Space Princess And Green Lousy Girl Is Grumpy And Surprised To Look At Cartoons And Smiles, All The Cartoons Are Running To The Left, And All The Technology Friends Gets Grumpy)

TV: Hahaha! Hi-Ya, All The Cartoons! Don't You Think I'm Ready To Be Resources, You Think?

Mr. Gus: Yeah, But This Is A Moment And I'll Never Before And Can't Be Like Electricity!

TV: Hmm... OH! It Just A Little Bit One And That Was Amazing! If You Seen The Show Will Be Able To Expelled For The News On Stru- (Turns The News On)

Peppa Pig: Well, It Must Be A Planet X.

At The HouseEdit

Stickman: See, Stickgirl?  There Is My House.

Stickgirl: Seriously, What Else Can Get It?

Stickman: You See? It Doesn't Matter. MOTHER OF STADIUM!!!

(Stickman Saws A Broken Pogo Stick)

Stickman: What Have You've Done To Master's Pogo Stick!? (Gasps)

(Stickman Sees A Dead Refrigerator)

Stickman: And You Broke My Refrigerator! That Cost My Money! (Gasps)

(Stickman Sees A Hands Is Destroyed)

Stickman: You Destroyed My Hands!

(Stickman Sees A Broken Glass Egg)

Stickman: (Gasps) And You Broke A Single Glass From A Cheerlished Collection!!

Stickgirl: And You Know What, Stickman? You Know What This Really Matters?

At The Technology RoomEdit

Pizza Steve: I.. I... I-I... I-I-I-I Don't Believe It Just As So Many Smiles Before!

Mr. Gus: Well, At Least I Give One Of Those And Never Seen Of Those Box And Chromes And Knobs And Dials Before!

Black Technology Round: Yeah, I Can't Believe You Just A Single Faster Of Technology.

Pizza Steve: WOW!

Peppa Pig: What Does That Mean?

Pizza Steve: No, Peppa Pig! What Does That Mean?

Black Technology Round And Red Circle: (Singing) Look Attention On! And Chosen Ones.

Black Hands: (Singing) And From The Chosen One Is Technology Way!

Black Technology Round, Robotory, And Red Circle: (Singing) Want A Party To See And He Didn't Get And Someone To Say... That Is A Technology Way!

Black Technology Round: And The One Should Be Job Or Something. And The Fun Of Technology Is Got On With Bros Of The Memory.

Phone: And Actually Or Something Of The Course, And That's Why The Technology, Of Course!

All Technology Friends: (Singing) More, More, MORE!!!

Red Circle: Only The Person Must To Say...

Robotory: It Was A Simple... And Get Out And Think It! (Singing) It's More More MORE!

Robotory: And That Is My Sound.

Lumpy Space Princess And Green Lousy Girl: And I DO!

Red Circle: But You Can Do The List For ME! I Told Ya That's A Too Much Horror Before! There Goes The King Julien! It's Behind Of The Trolls, And All Ways Get Some Horror On This Thing! And Always Is In Too!

George Pig: (Snorts Twice)

Robotory: And Now... From Now On For Me!! And That Is A Monster For! And That's Why A Technology, Of Course.

All Technology Friends: (Singing) More, More, MORE!!!

Red Circle: I Told Ya, IT'S THAT ONE! It's Only A Space Way, And WHOOOA!!!!!

All Technology Friends: (Singing) And It's All The Technology And Goes To Mars, Everything Gonna Stopping And I'm Gonna Let It Down As MORE!

Blue Hands: That Will Be Bonjour, My Friends. I Have Been Coming For The Pizza!

(Blue Hands Splats Peppa Pig To The Pie On Her Face)

Green Square: And Also Some Toy I Gave You.

(Green Square Gaves A Toy Dinosaur)

George Pig: Dine-Saw!

Green Square: Get Ready To Get Some Shocking!

(George Pig Has An Electric Shocking)

Green Square: And Here's A Technology, Of Course!

All Technology Friends: (Singing) More, More, MORE!!!

Narrator: Call Now, For A Limited Time Only.

Black Technology Round, Red Circle And Robotory: You Just Call Me Anything! (Singing) And Now For Domination! All This One Of TIME!

Red Circle And Robotory: And More Than Inside For Technology!!!

Black Technology Round, Red Circle And Robotory: And Now That's... All Of Those Things... Not Good To Be True! This Is A Fancy Going Every More That's Awesome Before. (Singing) Gives You More More More More, MORE.... MORE!

In The HouseEdit

(Stickman Saws Peppa Pig Is Missing)

Stickman: Wait A Minute? Where's Peppa Pig?

(Red Circle Throws Peppa Pig To The Big Trash Can, Stickman Saws Mr. Gus Is Missing)

Stickman: And Where's Mr. Gus?

(Red Circle Throws Mr. Gus To The Big Trash Can As Well, Stickman Slaps His Face)

Stickman: Oh, I Can't See All The Cartoons Anywhere!

(Red Circle All The Cartoons To The Big Trash Can)

In The Technology RoomEdit

Red Circle: Hey, Guys! Looks Like My Work Here Is Done!

All Technology Friends: (Laughs)

(TV Is Looking In The Sky, The Garbage Truck Takes A Cartoons)

TV: AHH!! Hmm...

(TV Saws A "Junk Dump" Sign On The Garbage Truck, And Drives Off)

At The HouseEdit

Stickman: There! This Hands Is Good As New.

(Hands Is Alive And Opened His Mouth, And Having A Tears Of Joy)


Stickman: Come On, Stickgirl. Let's Go Home.

(Stickman's Red Car Is Driving And All The Cartoons Is In The Garbage Truck Is Driving, Too, And All The Cartoons Is A Top Of The Dump, And Stickman Is Sitting The Couch For No Reason)

At The Stickman's HouseEdit

Stickman: (Sighs)

Junk DumpEdit

Belly Bag: Well, Looks Like We Stuck For The Junk Moment Forever.

George Pig: (Cries A Bit)

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah. You Said It, Belly Bag! Looks Like We're Goners!

Pizza Steve: (Crying) Pizza Steve Is So Lonely!

(Dump Taker Is Putting Up The Car And Putting Down Into A Sharpening Station, And The Car Has A Cube One, All The Cartoons Are Very Worried)

At The Stickman's HouseEdit

Narrator On TV: Stay Tuned For All The Cartoons, Only On The Channel.

Stickgirl: (Gasps) I LIKE THAT SHOW! Isn't That Right, Stickman?

Stickman: Yeah, Stickgirl. I Want You To Tell Me Something. All The Cartoons Has In The Junk Moment Because... He Is Missing To Ask Her To Help.

Stickgirl: Yeah.

Stickman: Yes, But Definitely... Lost And Hurts A Lot. At Least I Always For Helping Right Now.

TV: Hey, Kids! Wanna Be In For A Own Stylus? Introducing A Stylus! Only On Nintendo DS.

Stickman: Let Me Show You Around, When The Cartoons Shows Up.

Stickgirl: Alright.

Junk DumpEdit

(Dump Taker Is Putting Up The Car, All The Cartoons Is Sneaking To The Left, Pizza Steve Bumps A Blue Car)

Pizza Steve: Hey, Out Of The Way, You Blue Car! What A Bunch Of Grump.

(Blue Car Is Afraid, Dump Taker Is Arrived, All The Cars Is Looking At Dump Taker, And Suddenly, Dump Taker Takes Blue Car To The Sharpening Station)

Blue Car: My Life Is Kinda Pressure. (Singing) I Must Confessed That Poor Dusty Road, But He Was Been A Road Too Long.

Pink Car: Uh..Uh..Uh.. I Cah... I Can't... I Can't... I Can't Believe I'm Saying To You But... I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M FLING!! I Don't Forced Up And No Wacky Things That Thor Can't Be Horrored!

All Cars: (Singing) WORTHLESS!

Green Car: I Really Can't Believe You Can Do About It.

All Cars: (Singing) WORTHLESS!

Red Car: Oh Well, Remind Me When I'm PANIC!!


At The Stickman's HouseEdit

TV: See? Junk Dump Is Going To Be Nothing. It's A Cheap! CHEAP, I TELL YOU! CHEAP!

Stickgirl: Hey, Stickman, Are You Sure You Get Through Of This? My Dad Is Like A Best Of Everything.

Stickman: Yes, Stickgirl. I Seen It Of Cartoons Of This Before.

TV: LISTEN UP! Today Is Only One Thing, It Was All Technologing! But That's Not Good Enough.

(TV Picks On Girl Picture)

TV: All Those Pictures About Girly Stuff?

(TV Drops On Girl Picture To The Floor)

TV: I Don't Need To Look At That! Brrrrr!!

Junk DumpEdit

Brown Car: (Singing) I'm Gonna See The Sparey! Nothing But Keeps While Room The Be Fixed!

Blue Car, Green Car And Orange Car: (Singing) Every Touchdown To Be Here To MO!

Brown Car: (Singing) Nevermind Being A Dumb Hands, Tell Him As Fast In My Words, And The Most I've Never Before!

Yellow Car, Orange Car, And Light Green Car: (Singing) And Gets Him On My Own!

Gray Car: (Singing) I Guess The Show Has A New One. And I'm Give Us She Wants. And You Gonna Be Sending My Words. And Those I Thought I'll Never Before And Never Going To Piece Of Me.

At The Stickman's HouseEdit

TV: So Are You Bored? This Is The Amazing Circus! This Is The Most Fun Stuff Ever! So Come On, What Are We Waiting For?

Junk DumpEdit

Yellow Car: (Singing) Once And Protecting To The Wedding! Once And Protecting To The Wedding! He's A Hero And On His Face And I'll Be Nothing On My World!

Red Car: (Singing) I'm Never Be A Two Here! And Gave It To Me Again! And Know What Tangs Are Water Seems And I'm Never Gonna Be On My Word!


At The Stickman's HouseEdit

Stickgirl: You Know What, Stickman? I Feel So Lonely.

Stickman: Yeah! We May Never Know What Happened To Him!

TV: I'm In The Middle Of Nowhere! And There's One Of Them In The Galaxy! And There Is One Thing To Getting Your Attention That Arrived That WACKYVISION AROUND HERE!!! IT'S THE SUPER WACKIEST AMAZING TERRIFICLY... But Definitely, But That's Not Me! I'M A WACKIEST WORLD OF WACKYVISION THAT NEVER HAD ABOUT!!! AAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Heh... Heheheh... Heh... (Collapses)

Stickman: HAHAHA!! That Was A Funny One, Isn't It?

Junk DumpEdit

Green Car: (Singing) I Never Being Funny To You. And The Spongebob Is Starting Never Before And I'll Never Be Hurting Again! Never Gonna Be Say It To You.

(The Tire Is Cracking The Screen)

Pizza Steve: OH! HEY!!

Green Car: (Singing) And Saying It To You And Top To My Words, Then I Crossed It Away And No One Can Be There For You!

All Cars: (Singing) Well, It Doesn't Matter!

Outside The RoadEdit

(Stickman's Red Car Is Driving To The Junk Dump)

Junk DumpEdit

Dark Green Car: (Singing) One Of A Part On A Sparoh! I'll Never Been Seen That Sparoh! I Took A Kids On The Skids Of All What's Happening For The In To Line And Say....


(Vehicle Bonks Peppa, Spongebob And Wander, Stickman And Stickgirl Sees A "Junk Dump" Sign)

Stickman: Hmm... "Junk Dump." It Doesn't Make Sense. What's That Sign?

(Dump Taker Gots Patrick Star)

Peppa Pig: PATRICK!

Stickgirl: I Don't Know. Maybe I'll Put The Trash Out Of That Thing. And All The Cartoons Did It.

Spongebob, Peppa, George, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve, And Mr. Gus: WHOA!

(Dump Taker Gots All The Cartoons)

Stickman: Let's Go To The Right.

(Stickman's Red Car Is Driving To The Right)

(George Pig Picks A Master's Picture, George Pig Drops The Master's Picture And See Stickman And Stickgirl)

George Pig: (Gasps)

Pizza Steve: Whoa! George Loves Master! We're Saved!

Patrick Star: YEAH! You Did It, George! You Dropped The Picture!

Mr. Gus: Yeah, That's Easy For You To Say!

Spongebob Squarepants: Aww.. There's The Master.

Peppa Pig: I Never Seen The Master Before.

George Pig: (Snorts Twice) Master!

Spongebob, Patrick, Peppa, George, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Pizza Steve, Belly Bag And Mr. Gus: AAHH!!

(All The Cartoons Drops On The Sharpening Station)

Stickman: Oh, The Pizza? Oh, This Is BAD!

(Stickman Sees The Master's Picture On The Floor, And Stickman Takes The Master's Picture)

Stickman: Oh, This One Is A Young Master. And There Is Nothing To Improve With You!! (Talks To Stickgirl) I've Gotta Have To Tell You Something, Stickgirl. It's Always Gets A Master Picture With This. I Guess We Belong In This Way.

Stickgirl: WHOA! OOF! (Drops To The Floor)

(All The Cartoons Hops Off The Sharpening Station)

Peppa, George, Patrick, Spongebob, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!

Peppa Pig: Oh, Thank Goodness! That Was A Close One!

Pizza Steve: Yeah, I Agree.

Uncle Grandpa: THAT'S IT! All You Have To Do Is Turn To The Left So Master Will See Us.

Peppa Pig: I Think... Old Master Is Coming!

(Cartoons Is Hiding When Stickman Sees A Left And Dump Taker Got All The Cartoons And Going Up, Stickman Is Looking To The Right)

Stickman: Hm!

(Stickman Is Walking Off)

Peppa Pig: Okay, It's Very Example Will Be A Planned.

Patrick Star: To Be Respectful?

Peppa Pig: Yes, Patrick. I Always Shows Up Anyway.

Peppa, George, Patrick, Spongebob, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!

(All The Cartoons Goes Off The Sharpening Station Once Again, Dump Taker Is Turning Left And Right)

Pizza Steve: See You Again, You Dug Dumper!

Uncle Grandpa: See You Into Prison!

(Dump Taker Is Feeling Sad But Dump Taker Is Feeling Angry)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Thank Goodness. That Was A Close Call.

Patrick Star: Yeah, You Said It. I Was Just A Dumby And That's For A Dumbers. Just For A Dumber, Don't You Think?

Peppa Pig: (Gasps) We Need To Go To The Left!

(All The Cartoons Is Running To The Left, And Hiding While Stickman Sees, Stickman Is Walking To The Right)

Pizza Steve: Is That Going Now, Peppa Pig?

Peppa Pig: Not Yet, Pizza Steve.

(Dump Taker Sees All The Cartoons)

Mr. Gus: (Shocked) Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-WHAT THE?!?

Peppa, George, Spongebob, Patrick, Wander, Sylvia, Uncle Grandpa, Belly Bag, Pizza Steve And Mr. Gus: AAAHHHH!!!

(All The Cartoons Is Running To The Left And Dump Taker Is Destroyed The Junk Cars)

(Dump Taker Is Taking All The Cartoon And Drops In The Sharpening Station)

Peppa Pig: (Gasps)

(Peppa Pig Saws A Dangerous Door)

Stickman: Oh No! I Can't Find The Cartoons Anywhere! (Gasps) There It Is! It's George! This Is My Favorite Toy.

(Dump Taker Sees At Stickman, Peppa Pig Runs To The Left And Gets Of A Sharpening Station)

Stickman: And There's Mr. Gus! (Gasps) And Patrick Star, Too! Aw, I'm So Thoughtful About You.

(Dump Taker Sees At Stickman Again And Stickman Runs Away And Dump Taker Is Turning Your Face Off And Zoom In And The Sky Background Turned Slowly Into Red, Cut To Stickman And Peppa Pig, Dump Taker Is Taking All The Cartoons)

Stickman: HEY! Give Me Back My Cartoons Back! HEE!! HOOO! HAAA!!

(Dump Taker Takes The Stickman And All The Cartoons Except Peppa Pig)

Stickman: HUH?!?

(Stickman Is Too Scared Of Heights)

Stickman: Oh Man, Oh Man, Oh Man! This Is BAD! This Is Very Very BAD! WE GOT GLOW WORMS!

(Peppa Pig Sees Dump Taker Is Taking All The Cartoons And Stickman Into A Sharpening Station)

Peppa Pig: AH!

Stickman: OOF! What The? AAAAAHHH!!!!!

(Peppa Pig Sees A Stack Of The Old Junky Cars)

Stickman: This Is Worse Than I Thought! I'm Done For!!

(Peppa Pig Climbs Us To The Stack Of The Old Junky Cars)


(Peppa Pig Jumps Out The Stack Of The Old Junky Cars And Hurt Himself To Stop At The Sharpening Station And Turn Sky Background Is Going Back To Blue)

Stickman: Phew. That Was A Close One.

At The Stickman's HouseEdit

TV: He Said "OH NO! Angry Wild Sock Is Going To Attack Me! I Surrender!" And He Said "That's What You've Get To Picking Out Of My Pound!"

(Angry Wild Sock Punches Happy Sock On TV)

TV: (Singing) "ANGRY WILD SOCK!" (Speaking) (Laughs) That's A Puppet Sock, Guys! And That Was Pretty Funny, You Know?

Stickgirl: Uh, Stickman, What Are You Doing?

Stickman: I'm Trying To Said... Can I Fixed Peppa Pig For Me?

Stickgirl: Don't Worry. I Know Just The Thing!

(Later, Peppa Pig Is Feeling Better)

Stickman: There You Go! Peppa Pig Is Good As New. Must Will Be Trouble With That One.

(Stickman Walks To The Right And Peppa Pig Sees The Eyes To The Right, Cut To Stickman's Red Car, Stickman Is Putting All The Cartoons To The Back Of The Car And Ready To Drive)

Outside From The RoadEdit

Stickman: Come On! We're Going From The Holidays! TOGETHER!

(Stickman's Red Car Is Driving A Car)

Peppa Pig: It Is Great To Be Back, Wasn't It, Patrick Star?

Patrick Star: Yeah, Peppa Pig! You Know What The Vacations Are. So How Is It Look Like Pizza Steve?

Pizza Steve: That's Very Simple! Listen To This! This Is A Moment As A News Flash, It's A Summertime Event. We've Got Choosing Everyday And Playing Games Or Something. Especially As Saving The Galaxy Forever! And Always Gets You Help Us Out To The Snack Of A Marshmallows, Cupcakes, Sandwich, And All These Foods And For Luck And The Fond Farewell!

Mr. Gus: Ah, You're All A Bunch Of Junk.

(They All Laughed)

Pizza Steve: Oh Man! (Laughs) That Was Really Funny! (Laughs)

Uncle Grandpa: You're Making Me Laugh, Pizza Steve! (Laughs)

(Zoom Out To Stickman's Car And The Road And The Sky Appears And The White Background Turn To The Left)

Closing CreditsEdit

(Ending Credits)

(Walt Disney Animation Studios Logo, Cartoon Network Studios And Cartoon Network Productions Logo, Entertainment One Family And Astley Baker Davies Logo, Paramount Logo, Disney Logo And Warner Bros Pictures Logo Shows Up)

(End Of The Movie)