"Can You Find My Bunny?" }} }}
Uncle Grandpa Can You See My Bunny Title Card
Short: "The Hazardous Playground"
Written and Storyboarded by:
  Jason Reicher
Andy Gonsalves
Story by:
  Kelsy Abbott
Wade Randolph
Pete Browngardt
Audie Harrison
Casey Alexander


Lily Helps Uncle Grandpa Finds My Bunny.

Character AppearencesEdit

  • Uncle Grandpa
  • Belly Bag
  • Pizza Steve
  • Mr. Gus
  • Lily
  • Lily's Dad
  • Brown Bear


  • Uncle Grandpa Is Singing A Munchkinland From The 1939 Film Called "The Wizard Of Oz".



At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Finally, That Coffee So Looks Getting Hotter Than Ever.

Mr. Gus: Uh... Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Hold On, Mr. Gus. I'm Drinking My Coffee.

(Uncle Grandpa Is Drinking A Coffee, Uncle Grandpa Has A Fire On His Mouth)


Mr. Gus: Sure. Here You Go, Uncle Grandpa.

(Uncle Grandpa Drinking A Water)

Uncle Grandpa: (Sighs) Now That's Better. Thanks, Mr. Gus.

Mr. Gus: You're Welcome, Uncle Grandpa. You Know What I Do, Uncle Grandpa? You Sure Love Helping Kids.

Uncle Grandpa: Neh, I Told Ya, Mr. Gus. I Love Helping Kids. Besides, It Was Healthy Drink Anyway.

(UG RV Is Driving To The Left)

At Lily's HouseEdit

Lily: (Laughs) Aww, Look At That Cute Little Bunny. You Will Be My Friend For Now On. Not Sure You Can Have Mind. Now... Can You Show A Bunny Hop, Dad?

Lily's Dad: Sure, Lily. Let's Show How High Did You Get.

(Bunny Hops It High)

Lily's Dad: Wow, How Did He Do That, Lily?

Lily: You Know, Dad... I Think That Bunny Sure Takes Good Care Of It. Right, Bunny? (Giggles)

Lily's Dad: Okay, See You Soon. I Can Watch A TV.

Lily: Come On, Show Me How The Bunny Hop Can Get The Highest One Of All!

(Bunny Is Hopping High Into The Sky And Out Of The House And Rans Away)

Lily: Wow, Nice Trick, Bunny. You Have Some Hopping To Do, Huh, Bunny? Bunny? BUNNY? Where Are You? Oh No, I Lost My Bunny! DAD!!

Lily's Dad: WHAT?!?

Lily: The Bunny Is Missing! He Jumping Way To High And Now I Ran Away.

Lily's Dad: Oh, Poor Lily. You Gonna Have To Get It Sometime.

Lily: Yeah, I Agree, Daddy.

Lily's Dad: I Guess I Can Watch A TV Then.

Lily: I Never Get The Bunny Now. (Sobbing)

(Crashing Sound)


(Glass Breaks The UG RV)

Uncle Grandpa: Good Morning!


Uncle Grandpa: Yup, That's How Exactly How I Belong.

Lily: (Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Poor Lily, What's A Matter With You?

Lily: The Bunny Has Gone Missing, Uncle Grandpa. He Jump So Very High In The Sky And Now He Ran Away In The Forest For No Reason. Would You Help Me Find The Bunny, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: A Bunny, Huh? Hmm... That Gives Me A Great Idea, Lily! I'll Help You Find The Bunny!

Lily: Oh Boy! That Makes Me So Happy!

Uncle Grandpa: If We Can Find The Bunny, Let's Go In The Forest.

In The ForestEdit

Lily: There's Gonna Be Around Here Somewhere, Uncle Grandpa.

Uncle Grandpa: Well, At Least We Can't Find The Bunny Back, But How Could It Be?

Lily: I Don't Know, Uncle Grandpa. I Just Don't Know.

Brown Bear (Offscreen): (Roars)

Lily: What Was That?

Uncle Grandpa: I Don't Know What I Said, Lily. It's A B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-

Uncle Grandpa And Lily: BROWN BEAR!! AAAH!!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Lily! I'll Show You How It's Done. Belly Bag.

Belly Bag: Yes, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Can You Give Me My Laser Hammer Real Quick.

Belly Bag: You Got It, Uncle Grandpa! Here's A Laser Hammer!

Uncle Grandpa: Thanks, Pouch Buddy.

Lily: Wow! Is That A Weapon, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Yeah, Lily. I Told Ya, I Got My Laser Hammer. Alright, Wise Bear, You Leave Me No Choice. Time To Zap You To Your Faces.

(Uncle Grandpa Zaps Brown Bear, Brown Bear Has Bombed And Runs Off)

Uncle Grandpa: And Don't Come Back Here Until The Job How It's Down.

Lily: You Defeated The Brown Bear, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Yes, Lily. Yes, It Was. Come On, Lily. Let's Go Find The Bunny!

Lily: Oh, Bunny? Where Are You?

(Lily Is Under The Branch)

Lily: Bunny?

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Bunny?

(Uncle Grandpa Is In The Beehive)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope, It's Not Bunny. (Gasps) BEES!!! AAAAAH!!!!

Lily: Where Are You, Bunny?

(Lily Takes A Deep Breath, And Goes In The Water)

Lily (Underwater): Hello?

(Lily Goes Out The Water)

Lily: Nope. It's Not Here.

Uncle Grandpa: Bunny? (Singing) Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are! And Meet The Young Lily, Who Fell From A (Shaped The Eye Like A Star) Star.

Wolf: HOOOOWL!!!!


(Uncle Grandpa Looks At The Woodhole)

Uncle Grandpa: Nope. Sorry, Lily. I Guess There's No Bunny In Here.

Lily: Ohhh, What's The Use? I Guess There's No Chance To Get My Bunny Back. (Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Don't Cry, Lily. I Know There's Lot A Find To Do. How About That One?

(Sick Bunny Throws Up)

Lily: No.

Uncle Grandpa: How About This?

(The Red Bunny Has Breathing Fire)

Lily: No.

Uncle Grandpa: Aww, Man! Don't Worry, Lily! I Promised Not To Give Up! How About This?

Cat: Meow.

Uncle Grandpa: YES!

Lily: Try Again.

Dog: WOOF!

Lily: Next.

(Elephant Trumpets)

Lily: Are You Crazy, Uncle Grandpa? That's Not The Bunny! That's An Elephant!

Uncle Grandpa: Oh, Okay. That's The Elephant.

(Elephant Trumpets)

Uncle Grandpa: And It Looks Like We Got Few Animals At The Zoo.

Lily: (Sighs)

Uncle Grandpa: What's Wrong, Lily?

Lily: Uncle Grandpa, There Is No Way To Get My Bunny Back. I Just Want To Be Here And Expressed Myself Sometime! (Sobbing)

Uncle Grandpa: Now As Long As We Don't Get My Bunny Back, I DON'T!

Uncle Grandpa And Lily: (Crying)

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Lily!

Lily: What Is It, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Looks Like We Found The Bunny.

Lily: Where's The Bunny?

Uncle Grandpa: It's Right Over There! Look At That Bunny!!

(Bunny Hops In)

Lily: Bunny? YOU'RE BACK!

(Lily And Bunny Is Having A Big Hug)

Lily: I'm So Worried About You, Bunny.

Uncle Grandpa: That's A Good Girl. Looks Like You Found Your Bunny.

Lily: Yeah, Uncle Grandpa! I Know.

At The Lily's HouseEdit

Lily: Thanks For Helping Me Find Your Bunny, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: Anytime, Lily? Let's Give You A Big Hug.

(Uncle Grandpa And Lily Gives A Big Hug)

Uncle Grandpa: And The Kissing, Lily.

Lily: What Is Your Kissing Like?

(Uncle Grandpa Kissing Lily)

Uncle Grandpa: MMMMMMMMMWAH!!! Good-Bye, Lily! Have Fun With My Bunny!

Lily: Good-Bye, Uncle Grandpa!

At The UG RVEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Wow. I Guess Lily Found The Bunny Back, Wasn't It, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Yeah. Hey, Pizza Steve!

Pizza Steve (Offscreen): Yeah, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Did You Watch An Awesome Shows If You Want.

Pizza Steve: Oh, Right. I Can Watch More Awesome Shows Whatever And Whenever You Want On My TV!

(Uncle Grandpa And Mr. Gus Looks Shocked)


(Uncle Grandpa Swings The Bat And Got Homerun)

Uncle Grandpa: (Pant, Pant, Pant) YAY!! We Scored 2!!

The Hazardous PlaygroundEdit

Uncle Grandpa: Hey, Mr. Gus, Can I Go To The Playground.

Mr. Gus: Sure, Uncle Grandpa. But I Think That's A Dangerous Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Zombies In There!!

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry, Mr. Gus. I'm Not Gonna Let You Down. And Can Go To The Snake Slides.

Mr. Gus: But It's Really Really Dangerous!

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry. I Am Not Gonna Hurt You, Because It's Fun! Wheeeeee!!! See? Now You Try?

Mr. Gus: Uh... Okay, Uncle Grandpa. Whoaaa.. AH!!

(Snake Bites Mr. Gus)

Uncle Grandpa: Having Fun Yet?

Mr. Gus: Nope!

(Snake Spits It Out)

Mr. Gus: (Pant, Pant, Pant)

Uncle Grandpa: Let's Go To The Spinning Swings.

Mr. Gus: Actually, Uncle Grandpa... I'm Too Swing To High To Die!!

Uncle Grandpa: Don't Worry. I'm Not Gonna Hurt You, I'll Be Fine. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee!! WOO-HOO!!!!!! See? Your Turn, Mr. Gus?

Mr. Gus: Fine! Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoawhoa!! AAAAHHHHHHHHH.....

Uncle Grandpa: I Guess That's Too High In The Sky.


Uncle Grandpa: That Was Spectacular! Wasn't It?

Mr. Gus: That's Not FUN!

Uncle Grandpa: And There Is Only One Thing We Need Is A Monkeybars.

Mr. Gus: Wow! A Monkeybars! I Love It! Wasn't It, Uncle Grandpa?

Uncle Grandpa: You Said That, Mr. Gus. That Is A Dangerous And Hazardous Place At The Playground.

Mr. Gus: That Was So Much Fun, I Can Love Monkeybars All By Myself. WHEEEEE!!!!

Uncle Grandpa: You Look Great, Mr. Gus!

Mr. Gus: Yep, No More Monkeys In The Monkeybars.

(Mr. Gus Sees A Whole Lots Of Monkeys)

Mr. Gus: (Giggles Nervously) Sorry, Monkeys. I Have To Chase It Away.

Monkeys: OOH AHH AHH!!!!

(All The Monkeys Is Beaten Mr. Gus)

Mr. Gus: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Okay, I Had Enough.

Uncle Grandpa: (Laughs) You Look Hurt For A Little Bit, Mr. Gus.

Mr. Gus: Yeah, A Lot Hurt, Uncle Grandpa. A Lot Hurt.